Ongoing severe mouse infestation in Mississauga

Case Study: Ongoing severe mouse infestation in Mississauga

Lorne Park, Mississauga 2020 

This article will analyze and recount a mouse infestation in Mississauga that required multiple visits and will detail the steps in the exclusion process that technicians took to get the mice out of the home completely and successfully in a residential property in Lorne Park, Mississauga. 

Exterior Inspection 

When the technician was dispatched on-site, the technician first conducted an exterior inspection. An exterior inspection is one of the most crucial steps a technician can undertake to understand the situation in detail and to understand how the infestation has spread from the exterior to the interior of the house. During the exterior inspection, the technician found concerning signs of structural damage linked to wear and tear over the years. A gap was found at the base of the house that spanned 2 feet. Furthermore, the technician found wall vents missing from all the ventilation vents. These were 6 in total. 

exterior inspection structural gap mouse entry point
A mouse entry point was found during an exterior inspection in Mississauga

Interior Inspection

Following the exterior inspection, the technician then went on to conduct an interior inspection. Just like the exterior inspection, the interior inspection is just as crucial in order to understand the full scope of the infestation. The technician carefully inspects all the rooms of the house, including the attic. Also, the technician looks for signs of active rodent presence. According to the homeowner of the property, 9 to 10 mice were caught every year which definitely points to an active infestation site at a severe level.  

As expected, the technician found fecal evidence in the kitchen which points to a rodent infestation. The type of rodent can be determined by the size, shape, and color of the feces. When not knowing what rodent you are dealing with you can look simply look at the size. If it is the size of a grain of rice then you are dealing with mice! In the case of rats, the feces are somewhat bigger and can be the size of a raisin with two blunt-edged on each tip. 

case-study-image-mouse-presence-interior-in Mississauga
Fecal matter was found in the interior that belonged to mice.

The feces were found behind the fridge and behind the stovetop. There is a local explanation for this and this all has to do with food. Mice enter houses because of food and are attracted because of the abundance of food. 

The inspection leads the technician from the lower floors of the house to the lower attic. The technician finds a burrowing nest inside the insolation.

Initial Measures 

After gathering all the information and getting a clear understanding of the infestation, the technician decides to strategically place bait stations in the affected areas of the house. Once the mouse eats the bait, the mouse will perish which will trickle down to the entirety of the colony as well.


The technician comes back and checks up on the activity. The bait stations have definitely worked. Now the technician focuses on sealing and reinforcing areas around the house to prevent another rodent infestation and possible wildlife attempts. To do this he will address the large foundation gap. The technician used concrete to fill up the gap to prevent wildlife from coming in. 

To make sure other areas cannot be exploited, the technician installs 6 vent covers to prevent any intrusion. The vent covers are made from a durable material called galvanized steel able to withstand any attack!

The technician noted that a sheet of soffit hung loosely under the roof. To make sure, animals did not take advantage of it, he secured the area with washers and bolts and used galvanized steel mesh to reinforce the area for extra security. 

wall vent cover in mississauga
Vent covers were installed on vents that pose a problem with infiltration.


After a follow-up with the homeowner, we received positive remarks that there were no mice to be seen. This highlights an example of how late action can result in worsening the situation. If you see any signs of mouse activity or even live mice roaming around, call your local pest control company like Mouse Control to rid your house of mice as soon as possible!

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