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Case Study: Mouse Removal and Rodent-Proofing in Ajax

The following case study details a mouse removal and exclusion service in south Ajax. Mice living in the basement and garage of this suburban home were quickly removed and kept out with a comprehensive rodent-proofing of the property. If there are mice on your property, or if you are interested in pest-proofing, call Mouse Control.

Pickering Beach, Ajax

Located in south Ajax, the Pickering Beach neighbourhood is considered one of the best-kept secrets in Durham. With beautiful waterfront and lakeside parks, this gem is home to quiet streets and gorgeous hiking trails.

Pickering Beach in Ajax
Pickering Beach in Ajax.

It is bordered to the east by Carruthers Creek which empties in a nearby marsh and into Lake Ontario. The abundance of water in the area attracts many wildlife such as deer, foxes, and a variety of birds.

Unfortunately, rodents are also prevalent in areas of high-water concentration, and this neighbourhood is not immune to it. This case will reveal how a home was infested with mice and how we were successful in exterminating them.


The homeowners called us after observing mouse droppings in the garage area and the basement. They informed us that they had recently removed a large deck and a swimming pool. This is important information because rodents get dispersed from their habitats by construction and demolition.

weep vent mouse entry point
A weep vent (left) is identified as a point of entry as is a hole under a sliding door (right).

We also learned that this was not the first time this home had had a mouse infestation- the home was infested two years prior. Our technician confirmed that mouse activity was taking place not only in the basement and garage, but also in the kitchen.

An inspection of the exterior revealed multiple potential entry points including holes under the step of the back door, a large gap in the hole leading the utilities to the air conditioner, and weep vents that no longer had the steel wool protection. It was recommended that the rear doorstep be sealed, that the air conditioner line hole be plugged, and that the damaged weep vents be covered.

Initial Steps

As an initial step our certified exterminator installed bait stations in the home to eliminate mice from the interior. The mice will find and consume the rodenticide and will perish. The entire process of finding, consuming, and perishing can take 3-4 weeks depending on the initial infestation level.


Upon approval of homeowner, we returned to conduct the exclusion work. We began with the entry points discovered under the back sliding door by sealing it with concrete caulking. We used a strong concrete mix that will not degrade over time.

Foundation Exclusion Mouse-Proofing Ajax
A strong concrete sealant was used to under the step of the rear sliding door.

The second task involved the point of entry for the utilities attached to the air conditioner. In this case, our technician used a silicone sealant that will withstand any rodent attempted entry.

Finally, we proceeded to install covers on all weep vents on the walls. Of all the weep vents, 26 of them no longer had the steel wool protection. Weep vents on walls allow for air circulation through the inner wall which helps prevent condensation. They are usually plugged with steel wool to prevent pests from entering the structure. It is recommended that they are replaced often so that they do not become blocked and prevent breathing. Sometimes they will also rust and erode allowing mice and other pests to enter the structure.

Pickering Weep Vent Covers Utility Pipe Exclusion
Stainless steel weep vent covers were installed on the wall (left) and an AC utility hole is sealed with silicone (right).

We used stainless steel covers to protect the weep vents, replacing the steel wool. This ensures that there is still air circulating through the inner wall whilst keeping the mice from entering.


When a home is found with many possible points of entry from the outside, it reinforces our commitment to do a proper and detailed inspection of the exterior. Without the knowledge of where mice are entering the house, we can never be certain that the infestation has been fully dealt with. This property was the perfect example, where mice were breaching the structure through three different places. Our team was quick to identify them and ensure they would not be used by mice again.

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