Mouse infestation in an apartment building

Mouse Infestation in an Apartment Building

Mice infestations are a nightmare. They are very difficult to deal with and in the case of house mice they do not ever leave, they live in your home permanently and will not leave by choices like rats squirrels, and other wild animals. They will stay locked in your walls and will never leave even when they are dead. While it is not safe to have rats die in the walls due to their high water content it is completely safe to have mice die in the walls because mice have very low water content. They only need to drink water once every three years and even then they can go longer. They are designed to live without water for extremely long periods and this is their weakness. Rodenticide is the poison we use to kill rodents and it functions by causing dehydration. The mice will try to leave your home to find water but will often die before they find it. Mice will breed and fill your house over months and years, slowly rising floor by floor. This means your home could get infested fast but it also means something else for people who live in apartment buildings.  if you are experiencing a rodent problem, call Mouse Control Mississauga  

This situation gets infinitely more difficult in a large building. The bigger the building the more places the mice can hide and the more of those places that are entirely inaccessible by humans. Mice are very good and getting into places that nothing was ever meant to get into. Areas of buildings that have been sealed off, basements that are not used anymore. The old pool was shut down because the building could not afford to run it anymore. All of these places can have mice. Mice who will be looking for food regularly and who will breed and breed until they reach the very top floor of the building. They will infest every apartment searching for food and they will leave behind all kinds of dangerous things like feces, urine, and saliva on your food that can make you very sick. 

So if you have an infestation in your home then solving it is not too difficult. It may take a few months but eventually, the infestation will be gone. However, if you have an apartment building with a mouse issue then it may take you years to clear the building out and you will never be able to be sure that the mice are gone for good. 

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