Mice in Your Basement, What Should You Do

Mice in Your Basement, What Should You Do?

Having a mice infestation in any part of your house can be very dangerous. Not only can they cause losses in terms of damaged property, but they also carry diseases that are harmful to human health. One of the areas where you are likely to have mice in the basement. This is because, in most basements, the lighting is not so good, giving the mice a good opportunity to hide and multiply. The fact that the basement is likely to have stuff stacked on each other also provides several spaces where they can build their nests. So, if you see mice in your basement, what should you do?  
The first step should be inspection: Some of the signs that you have mice in your basement include- nibble marks(Presence of small bite marks on different materials that you have in the basement) mice droppings that are black or brown in color and are shaped like rice grains, movements around the basement especially at night, squeaking sounds, acidic smell of mouse urine and actual siting of a mouse. Once you suspect that you could be having a mice infestation, do a thorough inspection of the basement to see if you can identify their nest or track marks.

Find their entry point: After you have done a thorough inspection inside the basement, look for the entry point that the mice use. If you notice any opening to your basement, make sure that you seal it. Remember that mice can squeeze their bodies and enter through even the tiniest whole. You should therefore ensure that there isn’t a single crack in your basement that can let in mice

Get rid of clutter: Mice are likely to enter your basement if it is cluttered with very many hidden places that they can hide and make their nest. Make sure that you clean the basement and get rid of all the clutter. Ensure that your basement is getting sufficient lighting that will discourage the mice from multiplying.

Use natural methods to get rid of the mice: If you do not want to use poison or other chemical-based products, you can use natural methods such as:
Applying peppermint oil or other strong scents on cotton balls and leaving around the basement. Mice cannot take such strong scents. Alternatively, you can plant strong-smelling plants around the basement to keep off the mice.

Take your cat to the basement: If you have a cat, take it with you to the basement. The moment the mice smell the presence of the cat, they will flee.
Set traps: Another way of getting rid of mice in the basement is by setting traps. Once you have inspected the basement, you can estimate how bad the infestation is, and how many traps you will need to completely get rid of them.

Call an exterminator: If you feel that the mice situation is too serious for you to eliminate on your own, you can get help from professional exterminators., They will access the situation and know the best way to completely remove the mice.

Always remember that the sooner you deal with the mice menace, the better. Mice multiply very fast, and if left for long, they can be extremely difficult to eliminate, especially if they are in the basement.

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