Natural Ways to Protect Your Home From Mice

Natural Ways to Protect Your Home From Mice

Mice, though small in size can cause massive destruction when left in the house. They may destroy property, store food or and even cause contamination of the same food which may bring about unwanted health risks to the family. People have come up with many exotic methods of control mice. Most of these methods, however, can cause harm to the people around especially children or even to other pets in the home.  

Due to the danger that may be caused by those pesticides and other substances that are harmful, it may be advisable to use natural methods to get rid of the mice from the home since such methods are not harmful to people and other pets around. Below are some of the recommended ways of getting rid of mice naturally:

Keeping the house and its environment spotlessly clean 

A dirty house full of clutter and food leftovers can be a very good habitat for mice. An effort should be made towards ensuring that the house, both inside and outside, is kept very clean. A little bit of sterilizing after cleaning can also go a long way into enhancing mice protection. You may consider spraying a little vinegar in the mice hot spots. The smell of vinegar will drive the mice away.

All food should be kept in odor-proof containers so that the mice are not attracted by the smell. A Ziploc bag can also do a great job in the absence of a sealed container. Remember that the smell from food is what actually attracts the mice. Remember to also seal any holes that provide entry into the house.

Use of plant-based natural mice repellent 

This should be taken as an extra precaution measure to get rid of stubborn mice that will still come even when the house is clean. Such repellents are advantageous in that they are not harmful to the environment and are easy to deal with.

Use of house cats 

Naturally, the cat is a mouse predator and will not hesitate to chase and kill any mouse on sight. The mice will avoid a house that has a cat just to save its life. If you have a house cat, avoid using mouse poison since the cat can ingest the mouse together with the poison hence killing it.

Use of fresh cab natural rodent repellent 

The fresh cab is a mixture of pleasantly smelling com cob chips, plants, and herbal extracts. The smell that humans find pleasant is however very unpleasant to the rodents and this makes them move away to find a new home. Your work is therefore made easier and all you need to do is place the pouches inconvenient spots. You don’t have to worry about disposing of dead mice or dealing with the odor from the dead rodents. The fresh cab is very environmentally friendly and comes in pouches that are conveniently made to suit anywhere. This method has been proven to be very effective and is therefore highly recommended.

It is evident that the above approaches appreciate the importance of mice to the environment and the need to keep them alive only allowing them to die a natural death. Just because they showed up uninvited does not mean they should be killed since they have a role to play when it comes to a balanced ecosystem. You are therefore encouraged to employ these natural methods and you will surely enjoy the benefits.

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