How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

Are you hearing what sounds like mice in the attic? Do you hear gentle squealing and scratching sounds at night? Is there a strange smell up there, too? You might be suffering from a mouse infestation. Unfortunately, mice aren’t only attracted to kitchens. Attics make excellent homes for mice because they are warm and safe from predators. If you’re looking for help in getting rid of these mice, call Mouse Control Toronto and see how we can solve your problem.

In Canada, there are two species of mice that infest houses: the house mouse and the deer mouse. While the house mouse is grey or brown in colour, the deer mouse is clearly two-toned, with a brown or grey back and a white belly. These mice are nocturnal, so they are rarely active during the day. The little rodents are attracted to the warmth and shelter that people’s homes provide. Once inside the house, they like to make nests inside the walls. Both species are omnivorous but primarily feed on plant matter such as fruit, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.

Did you know that a mouse can climb vertically up a wall? Mice can climb as many as 13 inches up smooth, vertical walls. These critters are very flexible and can fit through gaps the width of a ballpoint pen. Mice commonly get into people’s attics by climbing the gutters and walls of the home or getting to the roof by jumping down from tree branches above. Weep vents, roof vents, and gaps around windows are mice common entry points. As heat rises, attics are often very warm, so they attract mice. While there usually isn’t much food in attics, they’re usually very quiet and full of hiding spots. This makes the ideal place for mice to hide and nest. Mice like to tunnel inside the insulation to nest and travel to the kitchen for food and water.

Getting rid of mice in the attic can be very difficult as they breed quickly and hide very well. The best thing you can do is hire a professional pest removal technician because he or she will be able to identify points of entry and block them so no more mice will enter the home. The technician will also have the best baits and traps available to get rid of your problem. What you can do is remove clutter from the attic and make sure that there are no sources of food in there. Keep the entire house as clean as possible while the process of elimination takes place.

Though it’s quite a challenge, it’s important that you eliminate the mice from your attic because they are a serious health hazard. Mice carry dangerous parasites and pathogens and spread them across your home as they make their way from the attic to the kitchen. Mouse Control’s technicians are experienced in mouse removal and have the best tools in the trade. Call Mouse Control now for a free quote.

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