How to Clean Up After Mice in Kitchen

How to Clean Up After Mice in Kitchen

Dealing with a mouse infestation is very stressful. They’re difficult to find, they get into your food when you’re not looking, and they damage your home. Mice are also carriers of terrible diseases, putting you and your loved ones at risk of getting sick. It’s important that you clean up after mice to reduce this risk. Luckily, it only takes a little elbow grease to get it done. If you’re still fighting a mouse infestation, the best thing you can do is get professional help. This is guaranteed to stop the mess these pests make. Call Mouse Control Toronto now for a free quote.

You may have noticed yourself that mice can be rather messy. Even after eliminating the pests, you may find droppings, smear marks, and stains around the kitchen and home. Mouse droppings resemble grains of rice that are dark brown or black in colour. At only 3 to 6mm in length, they are very small. You may find mouse droppings anywhere the mice go such as inside the kitchen cabinets, under the sink, behind appliances, or along the baseboards of the kitchen. Smear marks, or grease marks can be found along the walls, floors, and floorboards – all along their little routes. These are caused by the mice brushing their bodies against the walls. All of this mess leaves the musky smell of stale urine. But don’t worry! This can all be cleaned up with everyday household products.

To clean up after the mice, put on disposable gloves, then spray any droppings you find with a disinfectant. Let the disinfectant stand for 10 minutes or however long the manufacturer’s instructions tell you to. Pick up the droppings with a paper towel, then dispose of them in the garbage. Never use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning up after mice! This can create a dangerous dust that can be inhaled. Once removed, disinfect the surrounding area and any items that may have come into contact with the mice. Disinfect countertops, mop the floors, and clean fabrics at the highest allowable temperature. You can also steam clean or shampoo affected furniture and carpets. When cleaning up dead mice or nests, spray them with disinfectant and let them soak as you would for droppings. Place everything in a sealable plastic bag and dispose of it immediately.

While mice might look cute, they are not safe to have around the house. Everything they touch must be disinfected and the mice must be removed from the home. If you’re struggling with a mouse problem, hiring a professional will be the most effective thing you can do to eliminate them. Mouse traps can be purchased in stores, but they won’t make the mess stop; they will only suppress the mouse population. Call Mouse Control (647-496-0492) today for safe and effective mouse removal. If you’re concerned about the mess that mice make, ask us about our cleaning and disinfecting services.

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