Getting Rid of mice in your garage

Getting Rid of Mice in Your Garage

When it comes to haunts, mice sure have plenty of favorites in your home, and the garage, the basement and the attic top that list. The garage is especially a favorite, as it offers easy access and is closer to the areas of the house that the mouse can find food in too.

Here’s how you can get rid of mice in your garage.

The first thing that probably makes those mice comfortable in your garage is the clutter. Old boxes and other items provide loads of space and passages for mice to hide in, and since most of this stuff remains undisturbed, it offers mice a great environment to settle down in.

Therefore, getting rid of the clutter is the first step to handling a mice infestation in your garage. Of course, while doing this, you need to ensure that you have sealed off the garage from the other areas in your home, otherwise, the mice will simply end up scampering to other hiding places.

Mousetraps are a great way to get rid of mice, whether they are placed in the garage or elsewhere, and usually do the job if you only have a few mice running about. Instead of just placing one or two, make sure you place a few, and in strategic locations.

Other DIY techniques include placing mothballs and cotton balls dipped in peppermint or clove essential oils, and the mice in your garage are sure to make their way out.

Of course, if the infestation is a serious one, you can hire the services of a mouse removal expert. A professional exterminator will not only help you get rid of the mice but also detect the entry and exit points that the mice are using. Sealing off these points will ensure that an infestation doesn’t return to your garage anytime soon.

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