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Getting Rid of Mice in Your Basement

When it comes to hiding places, mice sure look for the most secluded places, and of course, the more clutter the better! The basement is therefore a favorite haunt with these tiny rodents, thanks to the lack of regular visits by the human owners of the house to this area, as well as the clutter and filth that is usually present.

Often, people don’t even realize that they have mice in the basement. Firstly, we hardly make any regular rounds in this part of the house, and secondly, the tiny feet of these tiny rodents hardly make the kind of noise you would recognize as an intrusion.

The first requirement, therefore, to get rid of mice in your basement, is to detect them!

Once you have detected that you indeed have mice hiding in the basement, you will need to gauge the numbers that are present. Remember, mice are extremely voracious when it comes to breeding, and mice as young as six weeks too can begin contributing to their population! And since they are quite adept at hiding, it is possible that you may underestimate the numbers by quite a margin.

The best method to get rid of mice in your basement is to hire the services of a professional mice control company. These experts will run a thorough inspection of not only your basement but also the rest of your property.

Apart from trapping or annihilating the mice, they will also give you a fair estimate of the extent of the damage. An efficient team will even clean the area so that no remnants of mice, whether it is feces or urine, or litter, remain.

There are a few DIY techniques you can resort to, although when it comes to mice control in the basement, it is best to leave the challenges involved to the experts!

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