Do bird feeders attract mice and rats

Do bird feeders attract mice and rats?

Are you a big fan of bird watching? Do you sit in your sunroom all day long, retired, of course, watching the birds feed at your many bird feeders? It’s wonderful to see all those beautiful birds, cardinals, blue jays, and doves enjoying their morning meal. But behind this fair façade is a danger most foul. Something creeping through the tall grass you keep forgetting to mow, creeping like a lion to pounce on its dark delight. It’s a mouse. Got a mouse in your house? Contact professional mice control Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible!

And it wants your seeds. It will go through any means to get those seeds and often it doesn’t take a lot of work because the bird frequently spills seeds all over the place while they eat them. So the ground is always covered in birdseed and every rodent and animal in the area is honing in on your property. It won’t be long before your backyard is a wildlife reserve. 

Now I know, I know. People love birds, we all love birds in the yard, they make everything so folksy. But the birds aren’t the only ones interested in those feeders. And you will either need to get rid of your feeders or prepare yourself for a lot of animal and rodent infestations. You can try getting a seed catcher that prevents rodents and squirrels from eating the seeds but the birds will still drop seeds on the ground as they try to fly off with mouths full so you may still have a problem. So you will also want to regularly rake and clean your yard. 

If you have mice on your property, who have started to rely on the food that you unknowingly provided to them. When the cold weather comes these mice will not want to leave to make a nest somewhere in a stump, they will enter your home and take advantage of the warmth and food that may litter your floor. Make sure to clean your home very well, get rid of boxes and seal your food in plastic containers and throw away the boxes. Cardboard is very attractive to mice because they like making nests in and out of it. They will also eat absolutely anything you leave out. 

So what is there to do if you didn’t prepare properly, you didn’t clean the birdseed or get a catcher, you didn’t clean your house and you ignored the mice on your property. Well, they will enter your home and make a dangerous infestation and open you to illnesses like Hantavirus. So call Mouse Control and let us handle it, our fees are reasonable and our work is always perfect.

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