Does one mouse mean an infestation

Does one mouse mean an infestation

Have you seen a mouse? Just one mouse? Sure, it could be a coincidence. If it’s a field mouse, brown or tan, or a deer mouse, grey with a white tummy, then maybe it just wandered in. But if it’s white with patches then it’s a house mouse, and while the above mice can also invade your home the house mouse will move in and never leave. They rely entirely on human homes to live, feed, defecate, reproduce, and die in. They live only in houses and will often die if forced to live outside. The house mice are carriers of hantavirus which is a dangerous and possibly fatal respiratory illness that can seriously and permanently harm your lungs.

If you are dealing with rodents, it is best to call a professional mouse removal service in the Greater Toronto Area.

This can be caught by eating or cleaning up mouse feces, urine, or saliva. Mouse feces, when dry allows the dust to become air-born making the virus even more dangerous and easy to catch. Mice will also tear into whatever food packaging they can get their teeth through. They can chew through any soft plastic, cardboard, and paper so most food items are at their beck and call unless stored in the fridge or a sealed container strong enough not to be chewed through, which is a hard thing to tell, mice will sit for hours, even days, chewing on one spot of tough plastic until they get to the food they smell inside. 

So, yes, if you see one mouse, of any variety, you most certainly have a full-on infestation that has likely been going on for years, and only now do you see one because they have gotten so comfortable being unknown that they let slip a little and got spotted. It is guaranteed that your walls are filled with dead mice, not to worry though, mice have very low water content and can go without water for years. When they die they desiccate and are not a health danger. Rats, however, cannot be allowed to die in the walls as they will rot and fester and smell and make a stain the bleeds through the wall. 

If you see a mouse you must call Mouse Control right away. Our prices are fair, our warranty is 6 months long for a home and 3 months for an apartment or unit in a home. We can use commercial grade products to get rid of the mice and for an extra fee, we can clean and sterilize any mess they made. 

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