Do Ultrasonic Sounds Keep Mice Away

Do Ultrasonic Sounds Keep Mice Away?

Avoiding a mouse problem is much better than having to get rid of one. Mice are pesky rodents that can be very difficult to get rid of. Their nests are nearly impossible to find, and they breed too quickly for one to keep up. Repellents are a great way to avoid this trouble, but they are not 100% reliable. It takes a full pest-proofing of the property to keep mice out. If you are currently facing an infestation, give us a call. We provide affordable mouse removal services in Toronto and beyond.

Mice are nocturnal little rodents that can be found all over the world. They have large, rounded ears, bulging black eyes, smooth brown fur, and long tails that equal their body length. Thanks to their small stature, flexible diet, and ability to reproduce very quickly, mice have found a way to live alongside us. Wherever we go, mice will follow. Mice commonly sneak into our homes to find food and shelter. Once indoors, they nest in wall voids and quiet, enclosed areas. At night, they come out to feed on crumbs, scraps, and foods kept in the pantry.

If you want to avoid an infestation, there are lots of repellents available in stores. Ultrasonic repellents are electronic devices that emit noises at a pitch we cannot hear but that mice can. To a mouse, the noises are irritating, like a fire alarm. To use them, place a few ultrasonic devices in entryways and parts of the house where a mouse could crawl indoors. The ultrasonic waves will help deter mice from moving into the house. Note that you will need multiple devices to keep mice out because the soundwaves cannot penetrate walls and thick pieces of furniture.

Repellents are easy solutions, but they are not a cure-all. Mice may still be able to find a way inside, and if there are mice already living in your home, it won’t get rid of them. The most effective way you can avoid an infestation is to block entry points and make the home less attractive to mice. Put weatherstripping on the bottoms of your doors and replace all your broken window screens. Seal every gap you find in the outer walls of your home and cover vents with mesh. Then, keep the house clean. Keep food out of reach and vacuum every week.

If you are currently struggling with an infestation, contact your nearest pest control professional for help. At Mouse Control, our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced in all forms of mouse removal. We can find where the mice on your property and coming from and get rid of them quickly. To keep them out, we can also pest-proof your home, sealing every possible vulnerability. We use high-quality materials and products that resist the chewing and tearing of animals. Call us for all your pest control needs. Our services are guaranteed and come with a warranty of up to 2 years.

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