Best baits for mouse traps

Best baits for mouse traps

Anyone who had mice will tell you all the different things they tried that didn’t work. The biggest thing to consider is what kind of bait should you use. Mice don’t eat everything and some kinds are herbivores. So choosing the right bate is important.

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Something you learn when clearing infestations is that there’s more to it than just laying snap traps with some bait on them. You need to learn how to attract the mice. There are professional baits but some of the best baits are things you find in the home. Peanut butter is the tried and tested bait that most people gravitate towards. It is vegetarian and enjoyed by omnivores alike. It’s a great choice for any trap. This one may shock you, but bacon bits drive some mice crazy, they can be a sure thing as long as your dealing with an omnivore rat. The herbivore will walk right past it. Bet you didn’t know mice have a sweet tooth. They like candy and gummies, especially with a strong fruity smell, and they are even known to like chocolate. I find jelly beans work well.

Of course you could go old-fashioned with it and use seeds or nuts as bait but its not as attractive as peanut butter to mice. Avoid cheese, it’s a movie thing. Alternatively, you could call the professionals at The Exterminators Inc.

Our process is simple but effective. We start by sending a skilled, trained technician to your home. Our technicians are not only extermination geniuses, they are also fully prepared for any contingency. First, the technician does an external inspection of the house for possible entry points. Usually, the mice get in through a back door left open or through the garage. If any holes are found that a mouse could fit through, we will notice and give you a quote for the full repair. 

After that, the technician will enter the unit and perform an involved and careful inspection of the home or apartment. They use a multitude of techniques to find the point of highest activity in order to ensure the most effective extermination possible. Upon finding the point of highest activity the technician will set down tamper proof, locked bait traps containing commercial rodenticide. The rats will feed on the Rodenticide and shortly meet their end through severe dehydration. That’ll teach em! Ain’t no mice gonna come knocking after that!   

All of this only takes one to two hours! So, you can get back to what matters to you! After just one week you will notice a dramatic drop-in mouse activity and by the third or fourth week the nightmare will be over, and the mice will be gone! And don’t forget that warranty, if you see even one mouse after four weeks then we will come racing back and make sure they get out! With our know how and hard work you will be free from your rodent issues forever. 

And as if that wasn’t enough, our prices are bottom barrel and have no strings attached. For a mere $295.00 you can be free from mice, forever! 

With 3- or 6-month warranties on all our work, why wait, call us today!


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