What Smells Attract Mice

What Smells Attract Mice?

Do you worry about attracting mice into the house? You’re right to feel concerned. Mice are very difficult to manage once inside the home. Not only are they destructive and hazardous to your health, but they breed quickly and hide very well. Mice will take advantage of your living space and poison your food, putting you and your loved ones at risk of contracting terrible diseases like Salmonellosis and Listeria. If you need help getting rid of mice or avoiding them entirely, call Mouse Control Toronto for help.

Mice are omnivorous, nocturnal mammals that seek warmth, food, and shelter. The most common species in Canada are the house mouse and the deer mouse. The only real difference between the two is their colour. While the house mouse is grey or brown, the deer mouse is brown on its back and white on its front. Both mice grow up to about 10cm in length and have long, hairless tails. These mice live in groups and like to nest above ground. Outside, they build their nests in things like shrubs or tree hollows. Inside, they commonly nest in the insulation between the walls of the home.

Mice have a keen sense of smell. Because they are omnivorous, they are attracted to the smell of any food, not just cheese, and peanut butter. Fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, meats, dairy, and organic wastes are all enjoyed by mice. They enjoy foods you might not even consider food, like pet food and birdseed. To reduce the odour of these foods, store them in sealable containers and clean up after each meal. Don’t leave out any snacks, like nuts or chocolate. Vacuum the home regularly and mop the floor. Mice are also attracted to the smell of the weeds that grow around the home. It’s important that you remove these along with other foods surrounding the house, like fallen fruit or piles of leaves.

Keep in mind that mice are not only attracted to smells. When the temperature outside gets cold, mice will do their best to get inside people’s houses so they can be warm. The warmth that comes out of wall vents, roof vents, windows, and doors attracts mice to the house. They will look for any shelter in or around the house, so it’s a good idea to clean up the yard and mouse-proof the home. Keep trees and shrubs at least 4 feet away from the walls of the house, and don’t leave out any garbage. Reduce as much clutter as you can and install door sweeps to the garage and outer doors. As for vents, you can install steel mesh on the outside to prevent mice from crawling in or around them.

So, mice are attracted to any food that is left out, but smells are not the only thing that will attract them to your home. Mouse-proofing by reducing the odour of food, removing hiding spots, and preventing mice from entering the home is the best thing you can do to avoid a mouse infestation. If you need help getting rid of mice or blocking their entry, consider hiring a professional. Our team at Mouse Control is experienced in mouse-proofing and would be happy to help. We offer quality inspection, removal, and exclusion services. Call Mouse Control now: 647-496-0492.

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