Signs of Mice in Basement

Signs of Mice in Basement

Mice have been pests to human beings for thousands of years. These little rodents like to invade people’s homes for their warmth and proximity to food and water. As carriers of disease and parasites, mice are hazardous to human health. Knowing the signs of an infestation is key to stopping one from getting out of control. If you suspect a mouse infestation somewhere in your home, please call Mouse Control Toronto for safe and effective mouse removal.

The house mouse and the deer mouse are the most common species of mice in Canada. Both mice reach about 10cm in length, with long tails and big round ears that stick out from their heads. The house mouse is typically grey, while the deer mouse has a tawny-brown back and white belly. These mice are primarily herbivores, but they enjoy all kinds of food like grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and meat. Because mice are nocturnal, they usually sleep during the day and come out at night. As prey to many different animals, they move around quietly and like to hide in dense foliage or cluttered areas of the home.

There are several clues that point to a mouse infestation. When looking in the basement, check for droppings and smear marks. Mouse droppings are black or dark brown in colour, and measure between 3 and 6mm in length. They look a lot like dark grains of rice. Mouse droppings are usually scattered around the places mice go, so look along the floorboards and under-covered areas such as cabinets and furniture. If you store things in the basement, checkboxes, and shelving units for any droppings as well. Mice like to follow the same paths over and over, leaving trails of urine and grease along these routes. You may be able to find these as well when searching for droppings. Look for chew marks on things like wires, wooden objects, and boxes. If you spotted a mouse in the flesh, remember that there is practically never just one mouse. Seeing one mouse usually signifies an infestation of 10 or more.

If you’ve found any of these signs in your basement, it’s time to start eliminating the mice and mouse-proof you’re home. First, remove clutter from the basement and keep it clean. Vacuum regularly and store food in tightly sealed containers. You should do the same upstairs and in other parts of the home to prevent the mice from simply moving into another room. Next, look for any cracks and crevices that could be allowing mice into the basement and seal them with silicone caulking. You should then set up mouse traps along the walls and routes you discovered earlier when looking for signs. Check these regularly and reset them as soon as possible.

Handling a mouse infestation by yourself is a lot of work. Mice are great at squeezing themselves through tiny gaps and finding places to hide, making it difficult to find and trap them. Hiring a professional pest removal technician is the best thing you can do to get rid of them. Mouse Control guarantees quality pest removal and mouse-proofing services. Call Mouse Control now: 647-496-0492.

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