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rental house infested with mice

A rental property infested with mice is one of the worst things that can happen. In most cases, the rental price is a steep price to pay depending on where you live. You might see signs of mouse activity such as seeing feces or even seeing live mice running along the walls. Mice are there for a reason and those are mostly 3 things: Food, shelter, and water. When you see mice on your property, chances are that you are not seeing one mouse, but multiple mice. It’s just that our human brains cannot tell the difference between different mice. Mice can get inside through multiple ways, and the most common one is when mice squeeze through foundational gaps. These can be narrow holes, around the perimeter or foundational gaps at the base of the building.

If you are dealing with mice in your rental house, contact your rental house owner to hire Mouse Control.

The only way to resolve this is to have a discussion with the property owner and come to an agreement. For the property owner, it might include finding an alternative stay for the guests to lodge in until the issue is resolved. Depending on where the rental property is located and how old the rental property is, a mice infestation might be somewhat expected depending on its upkeep.

The property owner should immediately contact a reputable pest control company such as Mouse Control. Further information that a property owner can ask from the tenants is when the mouse was sighted and in which room. These details can help the technicians, later on, to determine what the problem might be during the exterior and interior inspection. For the guests, this is without a doubt an unpleasant experience and an experience that one would want to forget as soon as possible.

If you are a property rental owner, assure the tenants that it will be worked on as soon as possible. Depending on the duration of the stay and severity of the infestation this can take a few days to resolve. It is best to discuss options with the tenants and even offer an alternative stay if possible. Professional pest specialists need to be hired as soon as possible to gauge the scope as well as find an immediately viable solution to the infestation.

It is recommended to have a licensed and certified professional conduct an exterior and interior inspection at least once a year to make sure that an infestation is out of the question. Contact the professionals from Mouse Control immediately to book an appointment and to receive a free consultation with one of our

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