Mice Eating Bait But Not Dying

So you see that mice are not dying from the poison and wondering why that is happening. The first thing about mouse poison is that not all poisons are created equally, and this highly depends on the quality and the placement of the poison. Mice are very smart creatures and may even be avoidant poison.

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There might be so many mice that you might not even notice a change, and this can play a role in how the mouse’s presence might even affect how the issue might be perceived. Mice look alike to people and this might signify a bigger issue in that the mouse problem has reached such a level that the mouse poison isn’t even worth trying. Mouse poison is one of the most effective ways to kill mice, yet there are some instances in that mouse poison is pretty hard to see if the poison is effective.

There are a few more reasons why the mouse poison might not even be effective, and this has to do with the potency of the poison itself. In most cases, it will take a few days before the mice will die and this might even mean that you should check if the mice have eaten the poison. This could simply mean that there is a waiting period before you see actual effects taking place, but if there are that many mice then it should be advised that you should see if these mice have fed on the poison.

Another issue that can arise is that there might be a mouse species that is fond of hoardings like the deer mouse or certain other field mice. They will, instead of eating the poison bring it back to their nest and store it for later consumption. House mice will eat the poison directly and immediately and might retreat to their nest later on and perish. There are some poisons that are not intended to e potent and lethal in the first bite, but may take a few times before the poison will take effect and this is due because it is said to be a lot safer for pets and children than happen to get access to these.

So how do mice get inside the house?

Mice get inside the house because they exploit a number of entry points that can be found around the property of the house. Mice have incredibly flexible skeletons that give them the ability to slip through every small hole or entrance. The only way to get mice out of the property is to call in professional help from licensed and insured professionals who have access to commercial-grade rodenticides. Call 647-496-0492

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