How to sanitize my kitchen after mouse poop?

Mice Control And Prevention

When it comes to a mice infestation, it is often an avoidable situation, especially if you take care of certain details and make sure that the mice do not have any reason to set up base in your house in the first place. Of course, if you are already up against an infestation, there are several options available for efficient mice control too.

First, let us look into the prevention angle.

Mice love solitude and clutter, and these are their two best friends that keep them hidden from our view and give them plenty of time to loiter about, and of course breed. As far as breeding and increasing numbers are concerned, mice are born to do just that! Only six weeks into their lives, they begin breeding, so you can only imagine how fast their numbers can grow.

The first thing, therefore, to do in your house, is to get rid of all the clutter you can find. Whether it is your attic, the kitchen closets, or your garage, make sure that you have no clutter anywhere, thereby reducing the number of places for mice to set up their nests in seclusion.

The next step to take is to make sure that every food item is kept out of reach. Now, remember, for mice, no place is unreachable, so simply putting away food on high shelves won’t do. You will have to properly seal every container, and cardboard boxes won’t do either.

When it comes to mice control, hiring the services of a professional exterminator is often a wise choice, especially if the infestation you have in your home is a serious one. You could try your hand at DIY techniques like laying traps too, but if none of these work to your satisfaction, call in the professionals as soon as possible.


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