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How To Tell If You Have Mice In Your House

Mice are a serious problem, they have been infesting human dwellings for over 30 thousand years and have been with us since we became agrarian. Mice know us better than we know ourselves and can find entryways very easily. Unlike wild mice which are native to North America, house mice have lost their ability to jump and climb. They must enter homes through open doors and openings like wall vents, foundation gaps, and plumbing vents. As mice grow in population, which they can do incredibly quickly they will escalate through the house from the basement or ground level up to the attic. They grow rapidly in population and can create a dangerous environment. Mouse feces and dander can be coated in dangerous bacteria like the hantavirus and can cause respiratory illness. Mice will defecate where they eat so if they have gotten into your food eating it can cause sickness like the bowels. While most illnesses mice can cause are more common in other parts of the world where countries are poorer north America is not immune to what they can do. Mice are very old and come from Europe, they got here during the time of sailing ships when treatment of them was impossible. The same with rats which often came from Norway. They are a danger to humans and must be eradicated for human safety. If a mouse infestation is left untreated or miss treated you could end up with a house so damaged with feces and urine that it can no longer be lived in.

What Time of Year do Mice Come Inside and What Steps do I Take
Mice are great chewers, they can chew through concrete and fit through holes as small as a quarter. they can enter your home through weep vents, foundation gaps, and other entryways. Getting rid of them permanently means sealing off those entryways.

If you have mice in your home trying to treat them yourself is not recommended. Glue traps are inhumane and when they trap multiple mice they tend to starve and cannibalize each other making a dangerous toxic mess. Domestic grade poisons are highly inefficient and can result in dead mice in the walls. The best method for treating them is through a commercially licensed exterminator who can provide higher-grade bait that can kill the mice safely. This bait is an anti-coagulant poison designed by a company called warfarin. They discovered it from human medication to lower blood pressure like Asprin and designed it based on the mouse anatomy. Mice can go up to three years without drinking water so when they eat a small amount of anti-coagulant they can experience intense pain. They return to their nests in the wall where they desiccate entirely, losing all smell and moisture. This is the safest and most efficient way of exterminating them and will ensure you do not end up with a dead animal in a wall that can cause serious issues. Snap traps, glue traps, and capture traps are all very difficult to set up and are not effective or humane. Rodenticide, the anti-coagulant commercial grade poison kills the mouse quickly and with little pain. It can also kill a large number of mice at once and will not involve disposing of dead mice.

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