how to disinfect shed infested by mouse

how to disinfect shed infested by mouse

Mice are a difficult problem to deal with they are a serious infestation because house mice specifically do not leave a house once they infest it. They do not need to drink water for up to three years and they can survive on crumbs. It is extremely difficult to exterminate mice because they have no gag reflex and test their food carefully, seeing if it affects them or causes them pain if they suspect the food of being poison they will avoid it. This can make the extermination of mice incredibly difficult and will cause the process to take much longer than other pests or wildlife removals. There are, however, other kinds of mice that do not live permanently in your home. This includes the two other common varieties of mice, the field mouse and the deer mouse.

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The field mouse is known for its amazing jumping ability, it can jump enormous distances for its size and that allows it to enter a home from the attic, which can cause enormous amounts of damage to the structure as rodents must constantly chew to file down their teeth. Deer mice are also great climbers and jumpers and can also infiltrate your attic. This is a distinct difference from house mice as house mice enter at the ground floor or the basement and then breed and slowly work their way up the house until they have a large enough population to take up the attic. The attic is the heart of the house and damage caused to it can debilitate the entire home. This is why field and deer mice are a greater threat than house mice, while house mice live in the walls, the other breeds live in the attic where insulation can easily catch fire. If you have any mouse infestation you will need to deal with it. Trying to deal with it on your own is a waste of time and money. Call a professional and you will have a real chance of getting rid of the mice in your home. 

Call  Mouse Control for all your mouse extermination needs. Our licensed and experienced technicians can inspect and find the active areas where mice are moving through the house and lay down commercial grade bait to exterminate them quickly. While other cheaper non-commercial bates can kill mice they are not effective in small amounts. Rodenticide even in tiny amounts is very effective and bypasses the mouse’s protective mechanism. 

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