How mice keep from getting in weep holes

How mice keep from getting in weep holes

The average brick-and-mortar home is made with two layers of wall. There is the drywall, insulation, vapor barrier and studs and then wrapped around it like a big clay present are the bricks. In order to keep the house structurally sound in times of high humidity the construction involves leaving gaps in the bricks, these gaps are called weep holes, and they are sealed with weep vents.

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The weep vent is a bent piece of metal with mesh that can be shoved into the brick gaps but sometimes they are not large enough and leave a gap that a rodent can get through. Mice can squeeze through holes as small as a quarter so you should probably deal with your weep vents. 

If a mouse can squeeze through this area they will have free access to the space between the walls and can easily travel through the house all the way to the attic without any effort at all. Obviously, this is very dangerous so it is important to take precautions, and not just replace the weep vents. You must also make sure that any tall grass or plants are at least 2 feet from your home, mice can hide in gardens and tall grass and have plenty of time to search for a good entrance into your house, so mow your lawn and keep your gardens away from the house. 

Weep vents are incredibly important. They allow draining and the release of heat and ventilate the basement and home. So it is important that when you block them off from mice that you also make sure they are still open enough to release moisture. 

You can take preventative measures on your own and try to take care of the weep vents, move any garden plants away from the building and make sure the grass is very short, this will help prevent rodents from getting in your home and making it easier to spot them when they try. You can also try setting up snap traps outdoors to catch rodents that are in your yard but be careful not to put it where children or pets play, they could get hurt if they touch it. And make sure to replace bait daily as the wind and rain will wash it away. 

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At Mouse control, we custom fit the screen into each weep vent to prevent rodents and other intrusions into your walls and basement. With our help we can keep your home safe and prevent any costly and dangerous infestations you may have.

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