Does insurance cover mouse infestation

Does insurance cover mouse infestation?

Insurance companies try to avoid giving insurance to people for something that happens a lot. They even have a special accountant called an actuary that mathematically establishes the likelihood of bad things happening to people so the insurance company knows what offers to avoid and what offers to give. Mouse and rodent infestations are perhaps their single biggest fear. They specifically exclude it on all but the most premium contracts and refuse to offer it, no matter what you’re willing to pay. They would simply have to pay out too frequently and for too small an issue. When it comes to rodents, you’re on your own. Got a mouse in your house? Contact professional mice control Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible!

Rodent infestations are considered basic home impermanence. You are expected as a homeowner to handle your own pest problems either on your own or with the help of professionals. A leaky pipe is not covered by insurance, and neither are mice. You can easily prevent mice by acting with initiative. Get regular inspections by skilled professional exterminators who can identify infestations before they get bad and help you with preventative measures like poison or traps. You can seal holes in your home, cracks in walls, and anything bigger than a quarter because mice can compress their bodies and squeeze through very tight spaces. And you don’t want mice in your attic. They will chew the electrical and telephone wires and lay waste to the insulation with their urine and poop. Trust me, you don’t want these things in your home for even one day. 

Now while fire and flood caused by rodents are covered by some insurance companies they do not cover slow damage to the home caused by the mice. They will pay out if a mouse causes a fire in your house, which is not a common event, and they will pay out if some rodents break your pipes and cause a flood in your basement. But chewed wires on their own, damaged insulation, ruined walls and furniture, they will not cover any of that. So don’t leave till you have a mouse infestation. Take that initiative and do something before they crawl into your house. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did. 

So make sure to be prepared, get regular inspections by professionals at Mouse Control. We know how to find the mice and how to get rid of them and how to clean up and repair your home after they leave. Trust us, we know what we’re doing.

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