How do Dead Mice Smell Is it Recognizable

How Do Dead Mice Smell? Is it Recognizable?

Getting rid of mice can be a real hassle. These little rodents are sneaky and troublesome, coming out at night to contaminate your food and put your family at risk of getting sick. It can take weeks to get a mouse problem under control. Mice are not only a pain to deal with alive, but dead, too! The smell of a dead mouse is awful and can make your home stink for days. If you’re having trouble getting rid of mice, call Mouse Control Toronto.

Dead mice smell rancid. Their decomposing bodies release a mix of gasses including methane and sulfur dioxide into the air, creating a foul smell that that tends to start randomly and grow worse with time. Some may describe the smell as reminiscent of rotting cabbage. This smell unfortunately lasts for about 10 days, but it will go away on its own if you cannot get rid of the body. Mice are very small, and their bodies will quickly dehydrate, at which point the bacteria that are decomposing their bodies will perish along with the smell they produce. In the meantime, you can ventilate the home and use air fresheners, purifiers, and deodorizers to help with the smell.

If you do hope to find the body that is causing the smell, look for evidence of mouse activity and follow your nose. Look for smudge marks along the baseboards and countertops, as well as little mouse droppings and chew marks. If you hired an exterminator, look around the places where he or she placed bait stations. If you find a body, put on some gloves and spray it with disinfectant. You can alternatively use a bleach solution that is 90% water. Let the solution sit for about 10 minutes, then pick up the body with your gloves and place it in a sealed plastic bag. Throw out the body, then spray the surfaces surrounding where the body was. Wipe the area down with disposable paper towels and wash any nearby fabrics at the highest allowable temperature. When you’re done cleaning, throw out your gloves and take the garbage out immediately.

If you’re currently in the process of removing mice, you should consider pest-proofing the home to prevent any more infestations from happening. Store food in sealed containers and vacuum regularly so there is less food available. Reduce as much clutter as you can around the house and keep the yard tidy, as well. Keep firewood and shrubbery at least 4 feet away from the sides of the house and remove any fallen fruit from the ground as soon as they fall. Finally, check the walls of your home for any potential entry-points and block them off. You can seal cracks with silicone caulking, cap wall vents with steel mesh, and stuff holes with steel wool.

Disposing of dead mice is easy enough if you can find them. If you’re interested in professional cleaning services, Mouse Control offers cleaning and disinfection that reaches deep into those hard-to-reach areas of the home. We use hospital-grade products and mists that disinfect and remove odours anywhere in the house. Call Mouse Control (647-496-0492) for safe and effective mouse removal, cleaning, and pest-proofing services.

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