Case Study Mice Enter Home Through Vents Under Deck in Toronto

Case Study: Mice Enter Home Through Vents Under Deck in Toronto

The following case study details a mouse removal job in Toronto. Mice that were climbing through the wall vents of this single-family home were eliminated and blocked out permanently. If there are mouse in your home, give us a call and a technician will get rid of them for you. We provide extended warranties with all of our pest control services. Call Mouse Control today: 647-496-0492.


The homeowner in this case called Mouse Control after trying to get rid of mice for some time. They had hired another company, but the problem continued to persist. Instead of continuing with the same company, they thought they’d give Mouse Control a try. A technician soon came to inspect the property and provide the homeowner with an effective solution.

Upon arrival, the technician performed an inspection. This determines the severity of the infestation and where the mice might be coming from. Here, the technician noted that there were vents on the walls outside the home, underneath the front porch. One of them was very wide and could absolutely be letting in mice. The others had mesh, but the gaps within the mesh were wide enough to fit mice, and they were not well secured to the wall.

Mouse Entry Point Wall Vents
People often forget to look under their porches. Hidden wall vents are commonly responsible for letting in small pests. Mice can climb into them, then chew their way into the walls of the home.

There was also a window with cracks along its frame. Cracked window frames are common entry points for mice. It only takes one quarter of an inch for a mouse to fit through. This could be sealed with mesh or caulking to keep mice out.

Indoors, the technician noted signs of mouse activity. There were droppings within the kitchen cabinets and the homeowner reported having seen mice run across the main floor. To address these issues and put an end to the infestation, the technician recommended having the wall vents and window excluded, then installing some bait stations in areas of mouse activity. The homeowner agreed with the work and let the technician get started.

Removal and Exclusion

First, the technician placed a few bait stations throughout the first floor of the home. Bait stations are plastic containers of rodenticide, which is specifically formulated to appeal to mice. Only mice can fit into the containers. After a few ingestions, the mice would perish in their nests. Bait stations are highly effective against mice and can only be provided by a licensed technician.

Next, the technician went outside and excluded the wall vents and window. To block every single vent all at once, he installed a narrow, steel mesh over the vented space under the deck. This would prevent any more mice from getting inside the house. The window was then excluded with caulking and mesh beneath it, so it was not visible.

Mouse Exclusion Toronto
Galvanized steel mesh is excellent for pest-proofing. It’s weather-proof, and it cannot be chewed by rodents.


Within a few weeks, the homeowner was no longer spotting any mice. She could not hear them in the wall, and droppings stopped appearing on the floor. The entrance was found, and the problem was solved.

If there are mouse in your home and you need help, contact Mouse Control. Our technicians work hard to find the source of all pest problems and put an end to them. They have several years of experience in all forms of mouse removal and exclusion. Call us for guaranteed mouse removal in the GTA and beyond.

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