Can Mice Get into my Garage Fridge

Can Mice Get into my Garage Fridge?

Many households keep a fridge in the garage. It’s a great place to store foods you don’t always need in the kitchen. But, what about pests? Mice are incredibly flexible little creatures that are always in search of food and water. Could they get in the fridge? Luckily, you should not have to worry about there being mice in your garage fridge, but you may want to look out for mice hiding in the back. Fridges push warm air out, so they keep their contents warm, which mice love to use to their advantage. There may be nests nearby. If you’re worried about mice, call Mouse Control and we’ll help out: 647-496-0492.

Mice are little nocturnal rodents that feed primarily on seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and insects. The average house mouse measures about 20cm in length, tail included and weighs approximately 20 grams. It has light grey or brown fur, big round ears, a pointed snout, and beady black eyes. Mice are incredibly fast breeders that live in groups, so their numbers will only increase once indoors. They are attracted to garages as they are warmer than the outside during winter, and they often store food. Signs of an infestation include little black droppings, smear marks, and scratching sounds coming from inside the walls at night.

Mice won’t get in the fridge, but they may nest behind it where it is warm. On the lower back side of your fridge, there is a compressor that pushes hot air through the coils on the back of the appliance. The back panel of this compartment may also have some insulation on it, which mice could use to build nests. Some mice like to nest in these refrigerator compartments. If there are mice in your garage, it’s entirely possible that mice could get inside the back of your garage fridge. Look for signs of an infestation surrounding your fridge and plan your approach.

Mice commonly get inside garages simply by walking through the door. Make sure that you are closing the garage door when you are not using it, especially at night. You should also check if its weatherstripping needs to be replaced as these get worn with time. Remove all food sources from the garage immediately. Garbage cans should have secure lids and anything like birdseed should be stored in sealed containers. Then, tidy up the garage to reduce clutter because mice love to hide. Place snap traps along the wall behind the fridge and anywhere you spotted signs of mice. Check these every day.

Remember that professional mouse removal services are always available to you. The technicians at Mouse Control would be happy to inspect your home closely for mouse activity and remove them in the safest and most efficient way possible. We’ll examine the structure of your home thoroughly for entry points that wildlife could use to get inside and offer to block them off for you. We’re so sure of our pest-proofing capabilities that they come with a 2-year warranty. Call Mouse Control Toronto now: 647-496-0492.

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