Best baits for mouse traps

How Can You Decrease The Number Of Mice In Your Home

Ideally, a homeowner will take all the proper preparations to prevent the infestation of mice in their living quarters. That being said, sometimes preparatory steps like spray foaming cracks in the foundation, fixing holes in window screens, and moving compost piles from near the house aren’t enough to thwart the critters. All it takes is one pregnant mouse to make its way into your walls for scratching and clawing to soon serenade you every night. Once the vermin have entered, it’s important to follow these guidelines to eliminate them as soon as possible.

Traps and Poison 

Obviously the number one answer to how can you decrease the number of mice in your home is with the very familiar hardware store mouse traps. These are the most popular option because they don’t involve any poison that a pet can get into. Unfortunately, the traps can often be outsmarted and are quite painful for a person to step on in the middle of the night. Poison traps can involve the mouse taking the bait back to the nest where they die and smell up your house or the glue traps that must still be handled to dispose of.

Ultrasonic Sound

If you want to opt for a more human and sanitary way to get mice out of your house, try ultrasonic sound devices that can be plugged into outlets or placed around the house. The sound drives rodents crazy but won’t affect pets (except gerbils or hamsters).

Get A Pet 

The cartoon Tom & Jerry has taught us that cats and mice are mortal enemies but some people are allergic to felines or simply just don’t like them. Another option is to attract barn owls by building a shelter near your home. Barn owls can eat over a dozen mice which will quickly eradicate those brave critters that leave your house to go foraging at night. Some people have also used peppermint oil placed around the house and even dried snake excrement to rid their dwelling of mice. Anybody who’s home has been infested knows it’s worth trying almost anything to get the uninvited guests to leave.



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