Best Trapping Methods to Get Rid of Mice

Best Trapping Methods to Get Rid of Mice

There are various methods of trapping or getting rid of mice. This will however depend upon the severity of the problem, the location, and personal preferences. The available methods range from mouse traps, cats, and poisons to ultrasonic repellants and electronic traps. However, the best trapping method to get rid of mice would be the use of traps. This is due to the fact that traps are unobtrusive, small, and generally affordable.

There is a wide range of traps on the market that will help you accomplish this easily and effectively. From the old-fashioned spring traps to the humane, “no-kill” traps, the overall efficiency of mouse traps can’t be disputed. Among the variety of traps that you can use include:

A spring trap 

This is an old-fashioned and simple method employed in trapping mice. All you need is to place bait on it and leave it where mice can easily find it. Once the bait is taken, the trap snaps and kills them instantly. However, one problem with this method is that you’ll need to touch the mouse in order to remove it.

A poison trap

This type of trap simply looks like it has pellets or food or in it. When mice eat them, they die from poisoning. Though simple and more effective, the use of poison may pose a great threat, especially to children. So, the trap needs to be located in a place far from the reach of children or pets.

Glue traps trap 

These traps trap mice by gluing them to the trap where they are unable to run or move. Then you basically kill them. However, for the faint-hearted, they have the option of purchasing the type that rides the rodent so as not to look at it once dead.

Electronic traps 

These are generally powered by electricity. They function by electrocuting the rodent. The advantage of electric traps is that you do not have to touch or deal with the mice in question. All you have to do is simply dispose of the trap in the trash.

Traps are certainly the best method to be used in trapping mice on the basis of economic factors and also ease of use. Also, they are available in a wide variety, and all you need is simply to select the best for the job.


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