Best Mice Repellents to Stop Mice Infestation

Best Mice Repellents to Stop Mice Infestation

Who said that homeowners should only seek to deal with mice when they’ve arrived home to pay a visit. The best thing is to keep them away, as the uninvited guests that they are. So let’s check out a few mice repellents provided by our professional mice control Mississauga technicians and help you can stop mice manifestation on their tracks.

Mouse Repellents Made of Fresh Bio-Based Cab

This is one of the best mouse repellent types, being registered in the EPA, and very effective among all types of mice pests.
Within its composition, you’ll see the balsam fir which comes from the fresh cab and it’s a very powerful deterrent. It contains also Spanish rosemary essential oils, lavender, lemon, orange, and cedar.
It gives off a very strong smell which keeps rodents away from your property. It is best applied in any possible entrance to your home.


This mice repellent is not bio-based and makes use of fox urine and bobcat’s granules. A very powerful combination that really affects mice.
It works by causing a very strong odor to where mice might come through into your property. Also, if you have wide terrains, it ensures they aren’t able to feed on trash and food waste.

Mouse Away

This product makes use of plant-based components which are effective in keeping mice away. Its applications go beyond just mice being also very effective against all other types of pests such as roaches, mosquitoes, bugs, and others. Best of all is that it’s safe for both humans and pets, while also being very effective. However, this product is not EPA registered which leaves some buyers concerned about its side effects if there are any at all.

Mouse Magic

This repellent is not EPA registered and is a product that makes use of spearmint and peppermint. Its goal is to burn the mice away in order to be more effective. Manufacturers make use of limited types of ingredients and that is probably why it’s said that this repellent doesn’t work very consistently. This probably means that the type of manufacturing process this product goes through is not sufficiently standardized in some parts of its production process. Some buyers saw good effects after applying it to their property while other homeowners said that mice would even make droppings around the product’s applications.

These are some good types of mice repellents that you should consider when making a buying decision. That is definitely one way for you to get rid of pests and bring your house back into one piece.

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