tips on how to clean after mice infestation

Tips on How to Clean After Mice Infestation

You’ve just gotten rid of all the mice that were making living in your home a nightmare. Now it’s time to clean up. How do you go about it? First, it is important to ensure that you are 100 percent certain there are no more mice in your home before you can embark on thorough post-infestation cleaning. So continue trapping for a week even after you think you’ve seen the last of the mice. If no mice are captured during this period, you can be sure that the droppings and urine left behind are no longer infectious. For the actual cleaning, there are some things to remember:

Ventilate the area you are cleaning by opening the doors and windows to allow fresh air in. Allow about 30 minutes of ventilation before you can start working on the area.

Wear latex gloves to protect yourself during the cleaning. Start by spraying the urine and droppings with disinfectant or bleach and water, and allow this to soak for five minutes. Pick up the droppings and clean up the urine using paper towels, and get rid of these safely by disposing of them in the garbage can.

Next, disinfect any items that may have been contaminated by the mice, or their droppings.

Use a bleach solution to clean any floors or counter-tops that were contaminated. Alternatively, you could use disinfectant.

If the carpet shows evidence of mice infestation, have it steam cleaned. This applies to other upholstery as well. For any laundry that may have come into contact with the rodents, use laundry detergent and clean water to remove all traces of the mice.

If there are items that have been thoroughly destroyed by the mice (e.g. items of clothing), through urine or their droppings, it is much better to get rid of mice and replace them instead of attempting to clean them.

After you have cleaned up everything, remove the gloves carefully and get rid of them. Proceed to clean your hands thoroughly using soap and water.

Allow the room to ventilate some more before you can lock it up.

Finally, remember that when cleaning up a place that was mice-infested, sweeping and vacuuming before you pick up the droppings is a no-no as it stirs up dust and spreads the droppings and urine.

After cleaning up, make sure you take steps to ensure you do not have to deal with mice infestation in the future. It can be disturbing having to clean up mice’s urine and droppings from time to time.

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