How to deal with mouse nest in your bbq

Are Mice Dangerous?

There are many more dangers associated with having mice in your home than just the simple nuisance that they present. Throughout history, mice and rats have been known to carry diseases. Some of which crossover to humans. If you know your history well, then you undoubtedly know about the ‘Bubonic Plague’. This diseases almost wiped out Europe (30-60% of the population) in the 14th century. It was brought about by mice infestation. Of course, not all the diseases associated with mice are that deadly, but most of them are bothersome to humans. Others include:

  • Listeria
  • Salmonellosis
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Hantavirus

Aside from the associated diseases these little rodents carry, mice and rats can cause allergies. Studies show that there are as many people who are allergic to rat droppings as there are people who are allergic to things like mold and dust. Mouse urine has also been identified as an allergy trigger in most American homes. Exposure to these kinds of allergens has been identified as a leading cause for asthma in both children and adults.

But it is not all about diseases, rat or mice infestation has been known to cause great property damage. These rodents eat almost anything they can nibble on. Your furniture, your clothes, your carpets and even parts of your housing structure are in danger. Mice have been known to eat through electrical wire insulation, card boards, wood and wall boards. By eating through electrical wire insulation, mice quite effectively expose your household to the dangers of electrocution and fires. It is believed that about 25% of the house fires in US caused by exposed electrical wires are as a result of mice and rats eating through the insulation.

Then there is the little fact that most people, even adults, are terrified of mice and rats. Seeing one can not only cause panic, but it may cause episodes of high blood pressure, heart attack, panic attacks and a host of other stress related issues.

The sad fact is that, just because you have not seen any mice or rats in your home does not mean that they do not exist. Your home could be infested right now and you may not know it. It is best to carry out a thorough inspection of your entire household. And if you suspect that you might have mice, call an exterminator immediately. Do not wait until your household falls sick or gets exposed to some of the dangers caused by these rodents. House mice can be very dangerous to your health and your property.

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