how to protect your storage from mice

How to Protect Your Storage from Mice

Mice leave telltale signs of their presence in a given location. These may include mouse droppings, burrows under your floorboards or gnawing marks on surfaces. Storage areas provide an ideal nesting area for mice. For instance, mice would be in no hurry to vacate a rarely used basement as such a storage provides them perfect cover and safety. The following guidelines provided by mice control Scarborough will show you how to protect your storage area from mice.

Maintaining a Clean and Cutter-free Area

Mice are voracious creatures that can chew through a large stockpile of food within a short period. They also tend to be destructive as they litter your food with their droppings. Ensure that your continually clean your storage area and keep it debris-free to prevent mice from nesting in such a location. Additionally, your presence in the storage area would disturb existing mice, forcing them to shelter elsewhere. Periodic checks in boxes or other closed containers for signs of mice can alert you of possible breeding areas, thereby preventing mice from multiplying.

Mouse-proof your storage area

You should consider investing in food containers for your food in storage. The ideal choice would be metallic containers. Avoid plastic ones as mice can easily get to your food by chewing through them. By keeping items safely tucked away, you can prevent mice from making your storage space their preferred habitat. Moreover, plugging the holes in a storage area such as around window edges or under doors can prevent mice from gaining entry.

Avoid overgrown shrubs

Generally, shrubs or other forms of landscaping provide an ideal harborage area for mice. The shrubs may also serve as a nesting ground for mice. Given the high rate at which these vermin multiply, it would only be a matter of time before your storage becomes infested with mice. When such shrubbery is located close to a storage area, the risk of attracting mice to the unit rises. Consider locating your plants further away from storage areas. Further, continually trim the shrubs to ensure that they only provide a thin cover to ward off mice. The area beneath the shrubs should also be cleared to prevent mice from nesting or hiding beneath the dead leaves. The key is to ensure that mice do not have a place to hide, from where they may sneak into your storage area and wreak havoc.

Storage areas are prone to mice due to the security they offer. In order to protect your storage from mice, eliminating clutter, store items in a mouse-proof containers to prevent damage or attracting mice, and trim hedges and shrubs to prevent mice harborage. Doing so will eliminate the problems attributable to mice infestations.

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