Why my Mouse is not Attracted to the Bait I Placed in the Trap

Why my Mouse is not Attracted to the Bait I Placed in the Trap

Mice are skittish little creatures that can be extremely difficult to get rid of. As prey to many animals, mice are weary to changes in their environment and are naturally very careful. So, placing traps around the house may not be as effective as you had have hoped. There are many simple strategies, however, that you can adopt to fix this problem. If you’re having trouble dealing with a mouse infestation in your home and need help, feel free to reach out to Mouse Removal Toronto.

There are several reasons why your mouse trap may not be working. For one, you may have gotten your scent on the trap. This could be scaring the animals away. Always wear a clean pair of gloves when setting a trap to avoid contaminating it with your scent. Second, the mice may not like the bait you set. Try using a different bait that mice crave, like peanut butter or chocolate. Be sure not to put too much, either. Mice can sometimes take a bite of bait without setting the trap off. You can also try putting nesting materials in the trap instead, like a cotton ball. Third, you may not be setting the trap in the right place. Set the trap somewhere along the wall, close to an area of mouse activity. It’s also recommended that you place several traps at once, all along the wall. Finally, you need to give the mice time to adjust to the trap. Try placing the trap without setting it for a few days for the animals to get used to it. Then, bait the trap and see if it works. Check the trap every day without moving or touching it.

It’s also possible that the structure and maintenance of your home are interfering with your trapping efforts. Be sure to keep the kitchen, pantry, and any other infested areas of the home spotless. Store food in tightly sealed containers, take the garbage out every night, and vacuum on a regular basis. Avoid leaving any food out overnight, including pet food. This will encourage the mice to consume the bait you placed in the trap. You should also remove as much clutter as you can and seal up any potential entry-points the animals could be using to get inside the house.

If you continue to see mouse activity after a week or two, but no mice are entering your traps, call a professional pest remover for help. Professionals have the tools and experience to get to the bottom of any mouse problem. The technicians at Mouse Control perform thorough inspections to find exactly where the pests are coming from and deal with them appropriately. We only use the safest and most effective products on the market. Call Mouse Control (647-496-0492) today and find out about our guaranteed pest-proofing services.

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