what to do when mice bait does not work

What To Do When Mice Bait Does Not Work

As many homeowners know, mice are a common pest but are usually easy to get rid of with the proper traps. However, in some cases, the traditional trapping methods may not be working well. For anyone who needs to know what to do when mice bait does not work, there are a few troubleshooting solutions recommended including mouse control services. These are some ideas for when mouse traps don’t seem to be working.

Common Mistakes

The two most common mistakes made are not cleaning the mice away and not using the traps properly. Mice are not attracted to dirty houses but they are attracted to easily accessible food and water. Even when trapping mice on a regular basis, they may still be coming in and staying. Keeping all food and water sources secure is a key step to preventing mice. Also, avoid any shelter space and make their current environment unpleasant by using mothballs in corners or spraying peppermint. Mice will avoid these areas.
The other common mistake is not placing the traps in the optimal location. Try to find the entry and exit points that the mice may be using. Use the traps in these locations for the best results. If the mice don’t seem attracted to the traps, take a second look at the bait available. Bacon, fruit, and peanut butter are great options for bating a trap and will work better than cheese.

Other Methods

One of the most effective methods to keep mice away is going to adopting a cat. While it may not be the desired solution, having a cat in the house will keep the mice away. Cats also know the places that mice like to hide and can locate them quickly. Even if adopting a cat is not possible, borrowing friends for a few hours can provide valuable information about the location of the mice to make catching them easier.

Another alternative to traps is electronic mice repellents. These are small devices the produce high-frequency sounds. The noise alarms the mice and makes them avoid any area where they can hear the sound. Fortunately, humans cannot hear this noise and it has no side effects which make it a perfect option for homes with small children. It does not actually kill the mice but will keep them away.
If these solutions are still not effective, a pest control service is probably the best option. However, try these effective solutions for when traps are not getting the job done!

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