What is the reason why mice get into the house?

Mice will get inside your house for various reasons, but the most common reasons are to look for a place to shelter in. There are a few criteria that determine whether a house is considered a good candidate for a long-term stay.

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Mice will look for the following to make your house their house and this will include warmth, access to food, shelter, and access to water. Once these things are found in a residential property or a commercial property, mice will move in and start wreaking havoc.

Before they start to move in, these mice will look for areas that can be easily exploited to seek entrance. These are what we call entry points. Entry points are gaps, holes, and crevices around the perimeter of the house and around the foundation that will give mice access to the lower floors of the house or main floors of the house such as the garage or even living spaces.

The following entry points that mice use and how you can identify them are as follows:

  • Weep vents or Weep holes.

Weep holes are narrow slits between mortar and brick that can be recognized by their placement on the base on the home. Weep holes allow water to drain from the bricks after a rainy day. They also provide additional circulation as well.

  • Wall vents

Wall vents can be typically located at the side of the house. Wall vents are primarily for fresh air circulation. They can have several forms and has several looks to them. The most well-known are the grill types. Wall vents can face outwards as well as downwards. Mice have excellent climbing skills.

  • Utility Line Gaps

Utility line gaps can be difficult to spot if you do not know what to look for. Utility line gaps can be found at the side of the home and have cables. Utility line gaps are the space between the cable and the entrance they are inserted in.

  • Open Doors

Yes, mice can slip inside by just taking advantage of an open door or even an open garage door. The way they stay hidden so easily is because mice will do everything in their power to sip through the cracks and get to a more reliable space where they are not a prey.

Professional Extermination from Mouse Control

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