What Attracts Mice to Your Basement

What Attracts Mice to Your Basement?

Have you spotted a mouse in your basement? Seeing a mouse in your home for the first time can be awfully frightening. The little critters seem to appear out of nowhere and multiply in no time at all, damaging the structure of your home and leaving a mess of feces on the floor. They may even get into your food and risk getting you sick! If you think there are mice in your basement, do not hesitate to give Mouse Control Toronto a call.

Mice are small, nocturnal rodents that commonly invade people’s homes in search of food and shelter. As omnivores, mice will eat all kinds of things, but they feed primarily on plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, and nuts. The most common species in Ontario are the house mouse and the deer mouse. While the house mouse is mostly grey or brown in colour, the deer mouse has a distinctly brown back and white belly. Both mice have beady black eyes, big round ears, and long, nearly hairless tails. Both mice reproduce very quickly – a single female may produce up to 10 litters of pups a year.

Mice are attracted to our homes because they largely depend on us for survival. These creatures have evolved to live near us and consume the foods we keep in store or leave on the ground. Basements are commonly infested with mice because they are usually very quiet, especially at night. A quiet basement that stores food and has easy access to the kitchen would be the perfect place for a mouse. Mice usually get inside by crawling through cracks in the foundation, weep vents, dryer vents, or any gaps surrounding the windows or doors to the exterior. Once inside, they often nest in wall voids or false ceilings.

If you’ve witnessed some mouse activity in your basement, you will need to start exterminating and making your home impenetrable to any more mice. First, look for where the nest might be. Look for grease marks along the baseboards and trails of tiny little droppings. Because they cannot see very well, mice tend to follow the same trails every night. Bait some snap traps with peanut butter or gum drops and set them along the walls of these trails, in places you will not be stepping yourself. Then, check your basement for potential entry points and block them accordingly. You can use silicone caulking to seal cracks, or wire mesh to block ventilation pipes.

Mice are attracted to the peace and quiet of basements. Be sure to remove as much clutter as you can and store your food in sealed containers. If you need help with the extermination process, Mouse Control would be happy to help. Our staff are experienced in mouse removal and will devise the most effective plan for your situation. Our pest-proofing services also come with a 2-year warranty. Call Mouse Control today: 647-496-0492.

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