Mice in House with Baby

Mice in House with Baby

Having a baby with mice can be a frightening experience. A baby should be safe at any time and mice in the house can jeopardize that especially for young couples, having mice in the house with a new baby can be a nerve-wracking experience.

If you are experiencing mouse issues, contact Mouse Control for fast and affordable mouse removal services.

Mice leave a trail of feces and that can be damaging to the baby’s health. Once mice are noticed in a residential property, it is important to act right away. Professional mouse technicians can work under every circumstance and can adapt their strategy to whatever case they are entrusted with. Professional mouse removal services are affordable and are always a multi-step process that seeks to eliminate the mouse population inside the house.

In the meantime, you must keep the house spotless, not only for the baby’s sake of course but also because it keeps mice at bay. Food should be stored properly, floors should be clean, and the kitchen counters should have no crumbs or leftovers on them. It is important that you discard feces right away since baby’s or smaller children can put them in their mouths.

It is important to tell the technicians that a baby is present so they can adjust their workflow accordingly. In the case of bait stations, these bait stations contain rodenticide that cannot be accessed by smaller children looking to pry them open. Instead, these tamper-proof bait stations are child-proof since they cannot be opened by anyone except the technician with the help of a special key.

When the technician is on-site, the first thing the technician does is conduct an exterior inspection to find out where the mouse or mice came from. While doing so, the technician also takes note of areas that can be exploited by other pests like rats.

Once the entry point or points have been found, the technician places external tamper-proof bait stations around the building strategically. This takes care of mice roaming outside. Inside the inspection continues with an interior inspection. The inspections are the most important part of the entire mouse removal process because it uncovers a lot of information such as the nest’s whereabouts, how the mouse infestation started, and where it spread out.

All of this valuable information is carried through the rest of the removal process. The technician here places traps that are loaded with bait where activity is the highest. After the mouse population is confirmed to have stopped the technician will come back for a follow-up visit and seal the interior entry points.

Mice can be damaging for anyone’s health no matter their age, but babies and the elderly are at particular risk since their immune systems are not at an optimal level. If you see a mouse, call Mouse Control right away and book an appointment through our customer service representatives!

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