mice hoarding dog food

Mice Hoarding Dog Food

Mice are a very common infestation. As rodents, they are capable of chewing holes through hard materials like concrete and brick. They can bend alumni and enter through seemingly impossibly small places like through a weep vent. They can get into your home so easily the most common cause for an infestation is a pregnant female mouse entering through an open back door. Mice are very ancient rodents. They are related to an ancient species of small rodent that survived both the Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction and the ice age. Like cockroaches, mice are nigh-invulnerable to many attempts to kill them. From eating the food straight off a snap trap without activating it to steal food from your kitchen and in the process defecating on it and tracking filth all over it. If you suddenly get food poising from a meal you have made many times before it’s time to inspect your home for pest activity. Mice tend to defecate simply as they walk, they do not make latrines and even defecate in their own nest. They also store food in their nest which can rot and make the mouse an even more dangerous infection risk. Having mice is something you need to deal with right away. Sadly evolution is on their side and helps them adapt rapidly to even commercial grade poisons. So skip the domestic snap trap treatment and call a professional.

mice infestation in home
Mice can make their own holes in walls to allow them to travel through the house behind the walls and go noticed. This is why you can have an infestation for months or even years and not even know.

One of the most common ways to stop mice from coming onto your property is to take away the things they want. Ie: food and water. If your property has animal feeders like bird feeders or birdbaths, a leaky hose, or unkempt garbage then you will attract rodents to your property. If you have detritus, garbage, and other things on your property like a broken down car or old plywood that is rotting in the rain then you most certainly have rodents on your property already. Eating outside and feeding your pets outside is also a great attractor. Dog food is something mice love because it is often left out all night. They can grab some and run off with it and store it in their nest. They will slowly gather large amounts and store them inside of your walls or attic. This can lead to horrifying smells as well as the smell of a dead mouse which is likely to occur without a commercial treatment.

Commercial grade rodenticide is a powerful anti-coagulant poison that can cause mice to desiccate entirely, losing all moisture, bacteria, and smell. They are safe to die in the walls of a house and will never bother you in any way. For this reason, you should always use a professional and licensed technician to treat your mouse infestation.

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