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How To Mouse Proof An Air Conditioner

Mice are very small and can squeeze through tiny entranceways. This makes it easy for them to enter air ducts for central air which can put your home in danger. Mice feces and dander can collect in the ductwork and create an environment that is not good for your health. Hantavirus is one respiratory disease that can threaten your family but so can lung infections from inhaling feces. Their urine can also damage the electrical of your air conditioning unit as well. Mice will infest these ducts because they offer warmth in the winter and a cool environment in the summer. They will often enter these ducts through an open or accessible wall vent. The vent that leads to the ductwork is often unprotected; most covers are made of plastic. This makes it easy to chew a hole through as mice have incisor teeth that keep growing throughout their lives, chewing is something they must do constantly and using that to get into human homes is highly effective. If you have a mouse infestation, especially one that has entered the air ducts then it is important to get that treated. While they will live and nest in the ducts and walls they still have to come out to look for food. This is how you can treat them. Snap traps and other types of domestic traps and poisons are ineffective as the mouse population in your home can grow faster than old-fashioned devices can kill them. This is because a mouse can give birth in only four weeks from impregnation and can produce up to fourteen babies in a single litter. These baby mice are fully grown in two weeks and can then mate with each other to create more mice. In a month there can be hundreds of mice in your home and that requires a much more severe treatment than snap traps.

Mice will infest your home and eat your food
Mice will infest your home and eat your food, while they eat they will defecate on it and eating that food could cause serious bowel issues and even infections.

A licensed exterminator can provide tamper-proof and locked bait stations containing commercial-grade rodenticide that provides a simple solution to a mouse infestation. There will be no need to remove dead mice from the snap traps as there will be no dead mice in the house. The poison is designed to attract the mice through smell and taste; when they eat it, they will feel dehydrated. This is because mice can go up to three years without drinking water which helps them live in human homes permanently. This commercial-grade bait acts on that ability by limiting vitamin k production. This causes the mice to feel dehydrated, forcing them to look for water. They will either leave the house or, more likely, return to their nest and go to sleep. They will die in their sleep and desiccate entirely losing all smell and moisture. This makes it safe for them to die inside the walls of the house and allows a great deal of peace of mind knowing the mice are gone and their corpses cannot create a smell. That way you will not have to deal with getting rid of dead mice or cutting open your ductwork.

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