How to Mouse-proof a Door

How to Mouse-proof a Door

If you can fit a pen under a door, a mouse can fit through it too. Mice are troublesome pests that can fit through the tiniest of cracks. Once inside the home, they will nest inside the walls and breed quickly, damaging your living space and putting you at risk of getting sick. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent mice from crawling through a door or other entry point into the house. If you have mouse concerns, call Mouse Control Toronto today. We’d be glad to help you out.

Mice are prey to many animals, so they seek shelter with close proximity to food and water. Human homes are highly sought-after because they are warm and full of hiding spots. As omnivores, mice will eat almost anything they find. They enjoy fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains, meat, and – you guessed it – cheese. Mice are nocturnal, so they’re most active at night. If there are mice in your home, you may be able to hear them squeal and scratch in the walls at night. This is where mice like to nest once inside the home.

To mouse-proof a door, install a door sweep or weatherstrip on the bottom of the door. This will prevent mice from crawling underneath. Make sure to replace this every year or two as it will wear. Alternatively, you can tuck a towel under the door, then roll another towel and place it in front of the door as you would a draft excluder. While this may seem obvious, make sure that you never leave the door open and unattended for long periods of time. If you need to keep the door open for air circulation, install a screen door so that mice can never get in.

There are many other things you can do to mouse-proof your home in addition to the door. First, make your home less attractive to mice in the first place. Sweep or vacuum regularly, and don’t leave any food out (this includes the birdseed or grass seed you keep in the garage). Store food in tightly sealed containers and fix leaky faucets. Don’t leave pet food out overnight. Outside, remove clutter surrounding the house and keep the garden tidy. Any scrap in the yard, like an old car, will attract mice and other pests. Get in the habit of picking up any fruit that fall to the ground, and always pick up after your dog. If you have double fencing surrounding the house, consider replacing it because it provides dead space where many weeds can grow, and mice can hide. Keep tree branches and shrubs at least 4 feet away from the roof. Finally, seal up any cracks you find around the windows and consider installing wire mesh around vents.

A professional pest removal technician can help you mouse-proof your home. Our crew members at Mouse Control perform thorough inspections to find every potential entry point. We check every nook and cranny. If you’re interested, a technician from Mouse Control would be happy to install galvanized steel mesh on the vents of your home to prevent mice from chewing their way in. We also have the best traps and baits to get rid of mice for good. Call Mouse Control (647-496-0492) now.

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