How To Keep Mice Out Of Air Conditioner Condenser

Mice and other rodents are constantly looking for a warm place in the winter and a cool place in the summer. They, like us, do not like dramatic temperatures like days that are too hot or cold. However, mice and other animals have no way to cool themselves off other than burrowing into the ground on a hot day. When it gets cold they can die very easily. This is why so many rodents, from chipmunks to squirrels to mice to rats try to break into your home and live there. Bats, raccoons, gophers and even stray cats. They all want somewhere that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter which is what we as humans have created. A house with ventilation and an attic that allows air to move and change the temperature to our needs. Air conditioning units and central air, heating and plumbing and all the amazing things humans have discovered are tools we use to stop the elements of nature from ruining our day. Animals want this as well but don’t know how to build so they invade it. Cockroaches for instance cannot function in sub-zero temperatures. They cannot reproduce and have trouble functioning. The same with ants whose liquid interior can simply freeze.

Mice in air conditioners
When mice enter your home they will use any entryway they can access, getting into an air conditioner or vent is dangerous as they can chew wires and cause a fire or do serious damage to your ventilation system.

This is why insects and animals want to enter our homes. The only way to stop them is to seal off the access points they use to get in. For some things,s this can be impossible but for animals like mice and rats,s it is very much possible to stop them from entering. Remember, though, even after you seal everything off rodents can chew their way in again so make sure to go around your property regularly inspecting all possible entryways. Look for chew marks, signs of fur, and weird smells like urine or even feces. If you find any of this you can be sure that animals are trying to get into your home. So keep up the repairs and make sure everything is sealed even if you have to do it again. This will do a lot to prevent animals from getting into your home and can be done all over the place from the ground to the top of your roof. To stop rodents from getting into air vents and cooling systems you can Install air vents and flue covers. You can make use of galvanized steel mesh as well to seal these areas off from not just mice but wasps and other insects as well. If this sounds like a lot of work there are professional companies that can do it for you. Call them to do an inspection and they can seal off every opening from the foundations to the highest roof vent and everything in between. Doing this will stop animals and some insects from getting into your home and often comes with a long warranty, so if anything is damaged you can call the company back and have them fix it for free.

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