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How To Get Rid Of Mice Under Decking

Mice are problematic species that aren’t native to this continent. They came here on ships from Europe and have been infesting homes and sheds and under decks for a few hundred years since they got here. They can reproduce very quickly so where ever they are they will soon overwhelm the person who owns the house. Mice under a deck must be treated professionally using commercial-grade rodenticide, the benefit of this is that all the mice can feed on the poison while using snap traps will only catch a certain number of mice at a time. Mice reproduce in four weeks and two weeks after their children are ready to mate again. This will create far too many mice to be caught. The rodenticide can be eaten by all the mice in the house or under the deck at once killing them all simultaneously. This is far more effective. The technician can then do something called trenching the deck with fine galvanized steel mesh with a small one-way door that will allow the mice to vacate and prevent them from getting back in. This will stop both mice, rats and wildlife like squirrels and skunks and raccoons from getting under the deck in the future. The process involves digging a one-foot by six-inch trench around the perimeter of the deck. The technician will then attach galvanized waterproof steel mesh to the side of the deck and bury the bottom down into the ground one foot down and six inches out. This will prevent even burrowing rodents and animals from getting under the deck in the future. This process is highly effective and will stop your deck from being used by animals and rodents as a home or nest.

Mice will infest any area that is warm in the winter
Mice will infest any area that is warm in the winter, they will live under a deck or in a shed because it blocks the wind and often has residual heat from the house. while their goal is to get inside they can survive without getting in as there is plenty of food to access like seeds from bird feeders, berries and garden vegetables.

Mice are attracted to human homes for many reasons. Open and accessible garbage containers are a large draw and so are bird feeders. Birds will eat the seeds but also drop many of them on the ground which is where mice will come onto the property to eat them. Since mice are small rodents they cannot survive without a properly hidden nest which is why they will find a place to live on your property like under a deck, or inside a shed, even if there is no food in it, and inside human homes. They are very good foragers and can find food almost anywhere including your vegetable garden. So if you have mice on your property you will want to get professional treatment or you may end up having mice on your property forever. And eventually, they will try to get inside the house especially as winter approaches. This will make the infestation even worse as mice can bring in ticks and fleas and also can infect you with viruses. When they eat your food they also defecate on it and this can lead to serious food poisoning if you eat that food. They are not above eating your food directly from the kitchen but will often look for food in lower cabinets.

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