how to get rid of mice from your garage

How To Get Rid of Mice From Your Garage

Mice are always looking for a secure, warm place to stay, especially in the fall and winter months. Keeping them away from the house can be a problem though. They can easily gain access due to their small size and will cause significant property damage over time. If you need to get rid of mice from your garage, there are a few key strategies you’ll want to use in addition to your local mouse control company

Remove Food Sources

If there isn’t a steady food supply, it’s significantly easier to keep mice away. Bird food, pet food, and even odds and ends like cardboard can attract mice. Seal all food that’s stored in the garage in solid containers, not just bags. Plastic garbage cans with secure lids are generally good enough. Clean the garage thoroughly to remove any crumbs and other sources of food. Gaps between appliances collect food which mice can easily enjoy.

Seal Openings

This is probably the toughest but also the most effective way to get rid of mice for good. A mouse only needs about 1/4 inch opening. They can also jump up to 18 inches, travel upside down, and crawl along electrical wires. If there are any holes in the garage within 18 inches of the ground, seal them as strongly as possible.

Current Inhabitants

Once the garage is sealed from future pests, get rid of the current occupants. Poison isn’t a good idea since mice will often eat the poison and then crawl into a secluded place to die. A basic wooden trap is readily available but can be a hit or miss. The Snap-E’s mousetraps are a newer design and very easy to set. No matter what type of trap is used, bait them with peanut butter which is harder for the mice to grab and carry off.

Place traps along walls as they tend to move on the outside of a space. Block any known mice paths with traps and use two traps together as they are more likely to be attracted to two potential sources of food. Check the traps daily and reset as needed. After about a week of having no mice in the traps and following the steps above, the garage will be safe from current mice problems.
These are the key methods to get rid of a current mouse problem and also prevent any in the future. Because they can easily gain access to a garage, using these steps is important to prevent damage to the garage.

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