How to Disinfect Shed Infested by Mice

How to Disinfect Shed Infested by Mice

Sheds are popular nesting sites for mice because they provide the animals with a quiet place to hide from predators. Many sheds are also cluttered and stored with foods that the mice can enjoy. If you’ve already dealt with an infestation in your shed, you may have noticed that the pests have left a mess of feces and urine behind them. Disinfecting this mess is crucial as these critters carry several dangerous diseases that could make you sick. If you need help cleaning or managing a mouse problem, call Mouse Control Toronto today.

To disinfect the shed, you should first put on a mask and a pair of disposable gloves, then throw out anything that has been contaminated. Anything near feces, urine, or nesting materials should be thrown out because it could be infected with something like Salmonella, Leptospirosis, or Hantavirus. Remove as much clutter as you can, then spray any feces or stains of urine you find with disinfectant. You can use a household disinfectant or bleach solution consisting of one part bleach and ten parts water. Let the disinfectant sit for about 10 minutes, then pick up the feces with a disposable paper towel.

Throw the paper towel out, then mop or spray the rest of the floor with disinfectant. If you come across a nest or mouse that has perished, spray those with disinfectant as well, bag them up, and throw them out. If there were any fabrics in the shed, wash them at the highest allowable temperature. When you are done cleaning, throw out your gloves and take the garbage out immediately. The key to cleaning up after mice is to disinfect anything that may have come in contact with them. Sweeping or vacuuming risks spreading pathogens into the air, and power washing may leave germs on the floor.

Once you have cleaned up after the mice, you should pest-proof the shed to prevent any more infestations from happening. Keep the contents of the shed organized and store organic materials in tightly sealed containers so they are inaccessible to mice. Then, examine the structure of the shed closely for any gaps or holes that the animals could use to get inside. Seal or block these up with wood, silicone caulking, sheet metal, concrete, steel wool, or wire mesh. Make sure that the doors to the shed are tight. Outside, keep your trees, shrubs, and firewood at least 4 feet away from the shed.

If you’re currently dealing with a mouse infestation, call Mouse Control for help. Our technicians deal with mice every day; they have the tools and experience to get rid of the pests quickly and efficiently. If you’re interested in professional disinfection, we also offer hospital-grade cleaning and disinfection services that reach deep into those hard-to-reach areas. Give Mouse Control a call and ask us how we can help: 647-496-0492.

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