How to Mouse-proof Your Garage

How Many Babies Can a Mouse Have In a Month

Mice can mate quite literally two weeks after they are born. A mouse goes from a baby to a furry child in one week, a week after that they are ready to leave the nest. This is how a single mouse can infest your hose and turn one litter into hundreds. Mice have no genetic issues with inbreeding, they have been doing it for thousands of years. So when a single pregnant female mouse enters your home it can give birth in four weeks and have up to 14 babies in a litter. Two weeks after that and those babies will be adults who can mate with each other. This continues exponentially until there are hundreds of mice in your home. This is also the reason that many people think there is only one mouse in their home that they keep seeing. It’s not one mouse it’s dozens of incidental mice that share familial genetics. This process can continue, unabated, indefinitely. Trying to treat this situation with snap traps is like trying to fish all the fish in the ocean. You cannot kill them all and they will continue to repopulate faster than you can kill them. If you do not deal with the infestation using a licensed exterminator you will have no other way of ending the infestation and preventing more mice from entering the house.

Mice will eat your food unless you provide them with an alternative that is easier to access
Mice will eat your food unless you provide them with an alternative that is easier to access. This is the purpose of rodenticide bait. the mice will have a ready supply of easy-to-access food right at their doorstep and will eat that instead of the food in your pantry.

This is because a professional exterminator, licensed by the Ministry of the Environment of Ontario has access to commercial-grade bait. This bait is simple in its function and foolproof in its application.  The bait is designed by a company called Warfarin which also supplies the bait themselves among many other companies. They discovered that the same anti-coagulant medications that could be used to thin human blood by limiting the production of Vitamin k could also be used to kill mice. This is because mice can go for up to three years without drinking a single drop of water. Their bodies are nearly entirely void of moisture and by feeding them an anticoagulant poison they desiccate when they die. This is the most advanced means of dealing with a mouse infestation and is not available to the general population without it being placed by a licensed exterminator. The effect is simple. All the mice in the house will discover a new food source that is easier to access than your food in the kitchen. They will all eat it en mass and will feel sick and dehydrated. They will either seek out water by leaving the house or return to their nests in the wall where they will desiccate completely, losing all moisture and smell. This method is the only way to get rid of mice permanently and the only way to stop them from getting into the house is to seal off the entryways they use to get inside. These can be as simple as a door that has been left open to more involved entryways like weep vents in brick walls and find gaps or open wall vents. The exterminator will guide you through the process of sealing them preventing a mouse infestation in the future.

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