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Found Mice In My House

If you found mice in your house you may be tempted to try and treat them yourself. There are ways you can do that, span traps, humane capture traps and glue traps are all available as well as domestic poison. However, all these processes will result in you having to remove mouse corpses from your home and dispose of them. This is something a lot of people think they are ready for but in reality, are not. What is more problematic is that mice can reproduce at an alarming rate. From conception to birth a mouse can produce up to fourteen babies in a single litter and in just 6 days a baby mouse will have fur and in 12 days is ready to leave the nest and make its own. For this reason, and if you want to treat it on your own you will have to lay down a lot of well-baited snap traps, glue traps or what-have-you to even begin to control the infestation. Rat and mouse poison is effective but runs the risk of a rodent dying inside the walls of the house. This can be a serious issue as mice can create a terrible smell on a wall. This is why professional treatment is recommended

Mice are big eaters
Mice are big eaters but can go up to three years without drinking water. This means they can live in your house eating your food and avoid you easily. When they do drink water they need very little. A dripping sink is enough to sustain them for months.

Unlike domestic treatments which rarely work when dealing with a severe infestation, a commercial grade treatment uses a potent type of commercial grade rodenticide poison in locked and tamper-proof bait stations. The mice eat the bait, which they are attracted to through smell and taste and will feel sick, return to their nest in the walls where they will desiccate entirely. They lose all moister and have no smell at all. This is a very good thing as there is no risk of a mouse dying in the walls and creating a bad smell. The other benefit of the treatment is that the bait can be eaten by every mouse in the house and can be rebaited for 6 months for free. Unlike snap traps that can only catch one mouse at a time, the bait can feed hundreds of mice and kill them off faster. This makes the treatment far more effective, takes less time to get rid of the mice and is more assured to get every last one of them. The goal of the treatment is to allow you, the customer to put away the snap traps and relax, knowing that the treatment is being taken care of by a trained, licensed and experienced pest control expert. The poison bait is regulated by the ministry of the environment and controlled strictly. If your pet or child manages to break into the locked tamper-proof bait station the invoice for the service contains the cure. A simple injection of vitamin k will reverse all of the effects as the poison itself is made to cut off vitamin k production which leads to the effect on the mice. The mice feel thirsty as the limited vitamin k causes dehydration. For a person who drinks water regularly, this is not so dangerous, for mice, who can go up to three years without drinking water, it’s deadly. They desiccate and lose all moister and smell, so they can die inside the walls and not bother the occupants.

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