Simple Tricks To Catch Mice In The House

Simple Tricks To Catch Mice In The House

Having mice in the house can not only be disturbing, but it is also a health hazard. Mice not only contaminate food in the house through biting, but they also contaminate the areas where food is stored with their droppings. They also constantly gnaw at clothes and seats in the house and you to remove mice right away. This can be costly due to the repair and replacement needed for the damaged items. It is known that the feces of mice dropping contain bacteria that can cause severe food poisoning. 

How to identify the presence of mice in the house 

Fortunately, if there are mice in your house, it does not take long before you find out. The first sign of mice in the house will be the black droppings on your floor. One may also notice gnawing on the edges of seats or any item in the house that is made of fiber material. Another sign that is not always obvious is that an infested room has a husky smell that is unique to mice.

How to catch mice in the house 

Upon confirmation that indeed there is an infestation of mice in the house, one needs to take action as soon as possible to prevent the multiplication of the pests. You need to find out tricks on how to catch mice in the house. There are a few methods you can use to get rid of the mice. Some of them include:

The use of a mousetrap 

There are a number of mousetraps available in the market that can assist you in getting rid of the mice. Some of the most common traps include the snap mouse trap. This type of trap has been used for generations and requires you to place some food on the trap. Once the mouse attempts to reach the food, the trap snaps and catches the mouse.

The second type of trap is the electronic mouse trap that uses an electric shock to kill the mouse. Yet another type of trap to consider is the live cage trap that allows easy access to the mouse but once inside the cage, it cannot get out.

Having a cat in the house 

For pet lovers, having a cat in the house brings a lot of joy. A cat is also very useful in the prevention of mice infestation in the house. Mice will rarely enter a house that has a cat and if they do, the cat is likely to catch the mouse and make a meal of it.

Use of poison 

This is another common method used to get rid of mice. If the right kind of poison is used, it is a very effective method. The downside of this method is that if the mice die in difficult-to-reach areas such as on the ceiling, then one may have to deal with an extremely foul smell.

Use of mice glue 

If for some reason you are hesitant to kill the mice within your house, you can purchase mice glue and paste it on a piece of cardboard. Once the glue catches the mouse, you can throw away the cardboard together with the stuck mouse.

Although there are other means you can use, the methods above are some of the most common tricks on how to catch mice in the house.

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