How to tell if you have mice in the attic

How to tell if you have mice in the attic

Mice can get into your attic through all sorts of means. Through weep vents, soffits, and holes in siding. They can crawl all the way up from the ground floor straight into the attic because the space between the insulation and the brick or siding is open all the way up. This helps keep moisture out of the house but also allows rodents to invade your home and attic and wall voids.

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The way to tell if you have mice in your attic is two-fold. Listen carefully to the attic at night and see if there are noises, scratching, squeaking and scuttling tend to be the most frequent sounds but you may hear a high-pitched baby cry. If that is the case then you know they are breeding. You can also go into the attic and check for feces, urine, and even saliva. Do this in the day or with a strong light because the feces is very hard to spot. You can also check corners and wires for chew marks, that is a clear tell you to have mice in your attic. Mice also produce a distinct mousey odor that permeates the house. If you smell something musty and damp and a little fecal then you are smelling mice. Get out your mop and broom, because the only way to keep them away is to clean your house like you never cleaned it before. Make sure to get rid of all cardboard, even cereal boxes. You can store everything in sturdy sealed plastic bins and Tupperware. This will take away most if not all their access to food. The less food they have the more likely they will simply leave on their own. It is also a good idea to get rid of your bird feeders, pretty birds are not worth a mouse infestation. 

If you already have a mouse infestation in your attic and it has gotten far too large for you to bare then you need to call the professionals at Mouse Control. Our technicians are highly skilled and professional and know everything about extermination and animal removal, whatever you need to be done, we can do. They will inspect the outside of your house for opening and seal them and they will inspect your home for activity and set tamper-proof rodent bait stations. When the mice are gone we can even remove your insulation and clean and sterilize the area and then replace the insulation with boric acid-soaked cellulose that actually fights infestations. 

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