Keeping Mice Out Mouse Proofing Tips

When cooler weather hits, mice are looking for a warm place to stay. Because of this home owners need to take the necessary steps to prevent mice from getting in the house. Mice can cause damage to your house and can be a health risk to all the members in the household. (more…)

How To Eliminate Mice From Your Home

Mice are usually attracted to homesteads since they do provide shelter, warmth, food as well as a safe breeding place for them. After they invade the homesteads, destruction of paper products, food, furniture and clothing is expected. They are also a threat to health if anyone feeds on food which has been eaten by a mouse.

Furthermore, they may also spread salmonella when the food they consume is consumed by a human being. Taking early measures immediately they invade the homestead is very vital in preventing the long term impacts of mice. (more…)

Best Baits For Mouse Snap Traps

House mice are light gray to brown in color. They have small beady black eyes and large ears. They can live and thrive in many different climate conditions. They are four to seven inches in size as adults with slim tails that are two to four inches long. (more…)

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