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We offer effective extermination services and mouse proofing services to make sure you don’ have to deal with mice again.

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 We guarantee the quality of every job we perform. All our mice control and extermination work is covered by a 6-month warranty. If you still have a mouse problem after 5 – 6 weeks we will return at no additional charge. 

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Effective solutions for the control and exclusion of mice in both commercial and residential settings. Fully license and insured exterminators offering mouse extermination services in Toronto and the surrounding areas. If you have seen signs of mice we can help.

We offer no-obligation inspections. Call to speak to a technician. Our exterminator will visit your premises, examine the situation and provide recommendations for treatment. Mice are adaptable, cautious and resilient creatures. They multiply very fast and even the smallest mouse problem can turn into a serious mouse infestation. If mice have found food, water or shelter in your space, chances are they will come back if you don’t take the necessary measures.

fully licensed pest control company in the Greater Toronto Area


Our professional mouse exterminators know just what to search for when they conduct a mouse control inspection, they have in their possession the tools and know-how to find mouse entry-points and to deal with any mouse problem.


Rodenticides are used to perform chemical pest management. Based on the size of infestation, our exterminators will determine if they need to apply single or multiple doses of anticoagulant rodenticides. These compounds are put in sealed plastic containers to prevent any contamination.


After the extermination is completed out technician will seal most of the entrance points and mouse proof the building so mice can’t sneak in. Common mouse proofing methods include roof vent screening, mouse proofing of pipe openings, utility line mouse proofing, sealing all small holes and adding screening on dryer vents.

Our Clients share their experience

We highly recommend Mouse Control! We have been dealing with mouse infestation for a few of years and finally got a company to solve our mouse problem! we are finally mice free!
Marry from Hamilton
We have been having the mouse problem for about 3 years. After we hired guys from MouseControl we have never had any mouse problems or anything! These guys are the best!
David from Toronto
I called Mouse Control about mice in our kitchen and guy solved the problem immediately. They came right out and we haven't seen any mouse activities since! Thank you Mouse Control!
Tonny from Toronto

How To Get Rid of Mice?

The best way to get rid of mice is to have a professional do the work for you. Most of the over the counter solutions are not as effective. They also require time and expertise to be effective. Most DIY treatments fail. Our exterminators are experienced and licensed to deal with complicated infestations. We find and seal all entry points, find high traffic areas, place bait stations in key locations. We use specially formed anti-coagulant rodenticides in sealed feeding bait stations. Once mice find and begin feeding on the poison their populations will begin to decline until the entire population is eradicated. Depending on the infestation, and the site we are dealing with our exterminators will decide on whether to use single or multiple feeding baits.

Got Mice?

How do you know you have mice? It is rare to actually spot a mouse. They are nocturnal and are very cautious. They only make their way out of their dens to find food or water during the most quiet times. Aside from actually seeing the mouse there are other ways to tell if you are dealing with small rodents.

  • Mouse droppings
  • Holes in the walls
  • Urine marks
  • Faint sounds from walls, or attic

Why Hire A Licensed Exterminator?

Because licensed exterminators have access to more effective pesticides, have the know-how to effectively deal with the issue and we will save you time and money in the long run. Our exterminators will deal with the issue once and for all.

House Mice or Rats?

The house mouse is normal in most areas of Canada including Toronto Ontario. Generally the house mouse is dusty grey in colour and steps from 10 to 15 cm long with little eyes and big ears. They run, climb, and swim very well. Mice live in homes with individuals since they could feed off exactly the same food that we do however they feed on several occasions per day. Mice are significant smaller than rats. They make less noise when running in your walls or attic, and their feces are much smaller than rats. Most residences have mouse problems. Rats are more common in dense commercial areas. Generally, mice are enticed to families which have food sources accessible. Toronto particularly the downtown of the town is extremely vulnerable to mice.

What To Do If You Have Mice?

Confirm that you are dealing with mice. You can also try limiting the problem by removing all food and water sources. Take steps to seal visible holes with metal materials. If you can fit a pen through a hole, a mouse can fit through the hole. Keep in mind that calling a mouse control professional is the best option.

When to call an exterminator for mice

If you are a homeowner, then there is a high probability that at some point in the past or in the future you will have to deal with a mouse problem. A lot of homeowners in Toronto understandingly try to deal with pest problems on their own. And in most cases, hiring a professional pest control service or an exterminator could be more expensive than picking out a snap trap from your local convenience store.

However, there are several instances where it is worth spending a little bit more to have your pest problem eradicated professionally. This particular trick involves knowing what issues you can be able to handle as a homeowner, and what issues you might have to let the professionals handle.

Is your Household in Danger?

Mice present a lot of danger to both your household and those living within it. If mice are left to thrive in your home, they could chew through your wall lining punching holes throughout your home compromising its structural integrity. Also, mice are known to chew through electrical wiring which is a potential fire hazard. They carry diseases and could easily affect you through contamination.

Failed to contain an Infestation

Mice infestations need to be contained swiftly and decisively by some with real experience, or they simply won’tgo away. Mice are known to hide or move away at amateur attempts to exterminating them, and returning in droves once efforts to exterminate them slack off. If it feels like you are killing the same colony time and time again, its time you call a professional exterminator.

Hiring an exterminator is best for your children, pets and loved ones

Your pets, children, elderly and loved ones or anyone with compromised health may be considerably more susceptible to health risks that are brought about by mice infestations. As a homeowner, calling a professional to deal with your problem is nothing to feel ashamed of. If anything, the life you save could be your own.

Pests often pose a challenge that only a professional exterminator can handle. Itis important to seek their services before the mice in your home cause extensive damage to your property and health.

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