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mouse control scarboroughMice control Scarborough. Professional rodent extermination from licensed pest control technicians. Affordable and guaranteed treatments for rats or mice. Residential and commercial solutions. We offer a written guarantee and warranty. If you are experiencing a problem with mice, give us a call: 647-496-0492.

Mice infestation is a serious problem that numerous home, office and factory owners have to put up with. However, now with the help of professional exterminators this problem can be put to rest with swiftness and permanence. If there are plenty of food available and dingy dark corners for these pests to hide away in, you can expect a lot of damage and health risks due to these miscreants. Spotting a mouse infestation is the first step; permanently ridding yourself of this issue is the second and final step. It is best to hire professional exterminators to do the job. We at Mouse Control Scarborough are trained, equipped and licensed to handle removal and control of mice. Call us today at 647-496-0492 and have our technician visit and inspect your infested property and provide you with a customized solution.

Keeping Mice At Bay

Signs of mouse infestation are hard to miss. Mice droppings, faint sounds from the walls and ceilings, mice sightings, etc. are just a few of the obvious signs that spell mice trouble. If you do not have mice problems, you can avoid them by keeping food covered and safely stored away, repairing any open or broken vents, fixing holes or cracks in the walls and floorboards and keeping your surroundings clean. You can even regularly inspect storerooms and attics to make sure you don’t have rodents overrunning the place.

These pesky pests sometimes have a way of breaking into your home or commercial settings despite all your efforts to keep them at bay, so a professional service such as Mouse Control Scarborough is the solution here.

Infestation Perils

Mice urine, droppings and saliva carry dangerous diseases that can contaminate food and water. Consumption of such infected food and water by unaware residents can lead to serious health problems. Along with huge bills to repair the damages done by these mice, there are also medical and hospitalization bills that need to be dealt with. In order to avoid all these perils, it is best to have the professionals at Mouse Control Scarborough mouse-proof your home and office buildings, giving your family and employees a clean and healthy environment to work in.

Eradication Of Mice

Along with mouse proofing your surroundings, we provide permanent eradication solutions. Our team of exterminators is skilled to locate all of the hiding places that are created by the mice, in and around your property. Then, with the use of an anticoagulant rodenticide, we ensure the extermination of all the mice. Call 647-496-0492 right away and speak to our technician who will book an appointment for our exterminator to inspect your property, before providing you with the best solution for removal and control. Mouse control in Scarborough. Call: 647-496-0492